Data Center Spotlight: Interxion, London

Spotlight Datacenter: Interxion, London Would you sleep at work?   As England prepares for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, one company thinks they may have found an innovative way to beat the congestion that is about to clog London’s travel and road networks. Interxion, a colocation data center, located in the heart of the city, … Read more

Uptime Data Center Tier Standards

What Tier Standard Does Your Data center Live up to?   The Uptime data center tier standards are a standardized methodology used to determine availability in a facility. The Uptime Institute established the data center tier system, which offers companies a way to measure their performance and return on investment (ROI). The standards consist of … Read more

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Infrastructure Management of the Data Center: The Datacenter Game Changer   Data Center Infrastructure Management is taking the industry by storm. It is predicted that by 2014, 60% of corporations will have implemented the use of DCIM; a huge leap from the mere 1% in 2010. With statistics like these, there is no question that … Read more

Data Center Security

Data Center Security: Let’s Get Physical…   Let’s be honest, how secure is your data center? You’re initial thoughts might go something like “it’s ironclad, the Fort Knox of all data centers, nothing could possibly be more secure.” And virtually, yes, you’re ready for anything. You probably have firewalls, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems, monitoring … Read more

Thermal Energy Storage Technology in Data Centers for Cooling Servers

How One Data Center is Using New Thermal Energy Storage Technology:   Google Embraces Thermal Storage in Taiwan for Cooling Data Center As part of Google’s ongoing efforts to cut costs and save power in its custom-built data centers, it will cool the servers in its new Taiwanese computing facility using a technique known as … Read more

Modular Data Center Designs, More Than Just a Trend?

Modular Data center Designs: It’s been more than five years since the unveiling of Sun’s Blackbox data center and modular designs are becoming more synonymous in the industry and with high-performance and cloud computing. Running servers in shipping containers was initially viewed as a niche play by many in the data center industry, limited to … Read more

Green Data Centers Powered by Solar Arrays

A Green Data Center Powered by Solar Arrays: Is It Worth All the Hype?   Solar power is quickly becoming the hot new topic for the green data center, and better data center operations. Nothing else quite shouts “I’m going green” like installing a couple hundred acres of solar panels next to your power hungry, … Read more

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