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ServerLIFT Data Center Lift Model Comparison

ServerLIFT data center lifts have won awards for their intelligent design, and have achieved the most stringent certifications for safety and quality. They are used and endorsed by data center professionals worldwide.

ServerLIFT Data Center Lifts

We can help you to select the data center lift model that makes the most sense for your enterprise:

ServerLIFT SL-500X®
The best all-around solution for everyday use with easy, one-touch electric lifting.

ServerLIFT SL-500FX™
The ideal choice for manufacturers and facilities with wide aisles.

ServerLIFT SL-1000X®
The most versatile and heavy-duty data center lift on the market.

ServerLIFT SL-350X®
A premium hand-cranked electric lift alternative. Great for infrequent moves.

Defining Characteristics

ServerLIFT server-handling lifts all have something in common; they are powerful, professional-grade machines designed specifically for your data center operational needs and safety standards. With all four models, we guarantee greater efficiency and safety for your operators and for your IT hardware.

Conquering the 3 Essential Functions

Any assisted lifting device we create must master three primary requirements for it to be useful in any data center: transportation, positioning, and installation/removal.

server lift extended shelf accessorySide-Loading vs. Front-Loading Lifts

We offer lifts in both side-loading and front-loading configurations to meet the exact dimensions and layout of your data center or IT equipment transportation facility.

Hand-Cranked vs. Motorized Lifts

Our motorized lifts help to prevent muscle fatigue and equipment damage. They simplify complicated moves, even on the biggest jobs. Our lightest-capacity lift comes equipped with a powerful hand crank and provides an excellent alternative to motorized lifting for infrequent moves.

Each data center lifting device comes equipped with a robust 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, with optional extended service and warranty contracts available in single or multi-year terms.

ServerLIFT Device & Attachment Compatibility


Hand-Cranked Lift


Electric Lift


Front-Loading Lift


Super-Duty Lift


Platform Extension


Platform Riser


Lift Extension


Lift Extension


Platform Extension


Platform Riser


Rail Lift


Glide Table


Front-Loading Extended Shelf


Extended Shelf

* Attachments that can be used in conjunction with other attachments, when used with a data center lift. All attachments must be used with one of the four ServerLIFT brand data center lifts.


Speak to a specialist to find the right lifting solution for your data center.

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Best Practices for Data Center Equipment Handling

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Buying a Data Center Lifting Device

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