Focus on Colo DC Provider - 1623 Farnam

Focus on Colo DC Provider – 1623 Farnam

1623 Farnam is strategically located in the dead center—from north to south and from east to west—of the US, in Omaha, Nebraska.  Offering over 75,000 square feet of space, 1623 Farnam is the interconnection point for more than 50 carriers in the US. 1623 Farnam has been solving issues related to data traffic flows and

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Best Practices For Data Center Security

Data centers are prime targets for many different types of attacks, cyber or otherwise, because they’re data centers. You may host sensitive data on your servers or you provide crucial services to your clients, which means any intrusion could potentially spell disaster for your business and your clients’ businesses.  Cyber security professionals put it this

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Modern Data Center Architecture: Infrastructure Overview

Wondering what it takes to architect a modern data center? Whether you’re just curious or already in the active planning phases of building out a data center, you may already understand that choosing the right data center infrastructure can be a complex process. You’ll need a wide range of equipment, from storage options to network

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Person installing a new server rack

How to Install New Server Racks

Nearly every business needs at least one server rack to house networking equipment, and some businesses might need several. However, unless you or someone on your team has data center experience, installing server racks may be difficult.  We put together this step-by-step guide to help you through the process. There may be some variation in

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10 Steps to Successfully Move Server Racks and Cabinets

When you need to move server racks or cabinets to another location, you may think you’ll save time if you don’t unload all of the equipment first. Moving a fully loaded cabinet seems so much simpler than having to unpack everything, move it all, reassemble the components, and cross your fingers that everything has been

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Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

Colo or No? A SWOT Analysis for Utilizing Colocation Facilities

Before your business rents services and/or space in a colocation facility, you need to determine if that’s your best move when compared to keeping data-center-based IT operations in-house. The following analysis can help you weigh your choices.  You wouldn’t want to rent space in a colocation data center if it would be more valuable to

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Data Centers Continue to See Rack Densities Increase

Does it seem like your customers’ needs intensify more every year, forcing you to get newer and more powerful hardware to meet demand? It’s not all in your imagination. Though technology advancements always drive the need for data center upgrades, many data center operators are reporting that changes are coming even faster than before.  Increased

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