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Datacenter Disaster Recovery Plan: FireHost Avoids Disaster in Phoenix

Disaster Recovery Plan in the Datacenter:

FireHost Chooses Phoenix to Evade the Storm


One way datacenters are avoiding Mother Nature’s fury is by building in locations with low incidences of natural disasters. And that is exactly what FireHost chose to do when selecting the new home for their state-of-the art cloud hosting facility.

Phoenix is widely considered to be one of the lowest risk cities in the United States due to the low incidence of natural disasters and catastrophes such as tornadoes, flooding and earthquakes.

Data Center Disaster Recovery Means Being Prepared

The FireHost Phoenix data center mirrors the innovative, secure cloud hosting environments already established in Dallas and London, and will allow customers an additional option in choosing where their server hardware will reside.

This is just another step FireHost is taking to ensure customers have the flexibility and control they want for their environments. New and existing clients can now deploy secure cloud servers in any of the three locations directly through their MyFireHost customer portal.

Disaster Recovery for the Data Center for high risk locations

“Phoenix is an ideal location for data centers due to the extremely low incidence of natural disasters like tornadoes, flooding and earthquakes. This new location gives our customers another secure option for primary or disaster recovery environments,” said Jason Rieger, CTO of FireHost. “The main benefits of this addition are that FireHost is widening its data center footprint and giving our customers more freedom and options.”

“We host thousands of WordPress sites with FireHost. The fact that we can make strategic decisions about where our servers reside, including disaster recovery, brings peace of mind,” said Joshua Strebel, co-founder of, a Phoenix-based business. “From the beginning, FireHost has focused on securing our client data. Offering a new data center in this location is another example of the steps the company has taken to maintain that commitment. I love now having my data in my own backyard.”

Perhaps EBay, in building Project Mercury, and FireHost, in bringing cloud computing to the valley of the sun, are on to something. Maybe they will start the ball rolling for other corporations to begin considering Phoenix as a viable data center location. Who knows maybe the seed has been planted in the industry’s mind stirring the question; why not basically eliminate the need for disaster recovery plans and build somewhere that has only heard of these so called “acts of God.”?

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