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Large Migrations

A data center migration exposes your fragile and expensive IT infrastructure to the perils of elevators, ramps, trucks, loading docks, and other hazardous environments.


The Data Center Migration Guide

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Large Migrations

Heavy objects must be transported safely across distances and obstructions, all while your team works against deadlines and budget restrictions. A large migration project increases the likelihood of a costly accident.

Tripping, slipping, making a misstep, or inviting muscle fatigue and strain are all possibilities if proper equipment is not being utilized. With the right resources, however, a large data center migration can be accomplished quickly without injuries or damage.

Why ServerLIFT®?

Successful migrations depend on using a purpose-built device to carry out the three essential functions of any data center lift: it must safely and effectively transport, position, install, and remove servers.

All ServerLIFT® products can carry out the three essential functions of a data center lift because they meet the following criteria:

  • User protection that includes:
    • Eliminating pinch points
    • Weight capacity for your heaviest IT equipment
  • Sturdy, no-slip brakes
  • Free-standing stability whether empty or fully loaded
  • Engineering that fits small, tight aisles and low-ceiling environments
  • Attachments that allow lifts to handle loads from floor level
  • Attachments to assist installations into your lowest rack units (RUs).
  • Reach high enough to install servers into the uppermost RU in a nine-foot (2.74 m) server cabinet
  • Precision push-button lift or hand-crank lift positioning capability
  • Options for side-loading or front-loading to suit your data center layout
  • Dimensions that fit through standard doors loaded or unloaded
  • Minimized server installation / removal time
  • Ability to navigate typical data center environment floor obstacles, including
    • Floor mats
    • Extension cords
    • Cable covers
    • Doorway and elevator thresholds
    • Ramps
    • Raised data room floors with
      • Vented tiles
      • Cooling grates
      • Floor outlets and outlet covers
  • Attachments to help with server angling and leveling capability
  • Logical, comfortable operability

Put Product and Operator Safety First with ServerLIFT®

ServerLIFT® data center lifts and attachments are purpose-built to ensure the safety of your staff and your servers. Empower your team with a server handling lifting device for a quick and efficient move with minimal impact to business operations.

It doesn’t matter if you are expanding to the facility next door or moving overseas. As soon as you power down, the clock is ticking. The right resources can make the difference between a high-risk, high-stress operation and another successful day at the office.

By incorporating a precision-engineered, security-tested data center lifting device into your data center equipment inventory before your next move or migration, you will give your administration the quickest, most efficient, safest deployment possible. You can find the right lift for up to 1,000 lbs (454 kg) moves to match your needs here.

Stay competitive and maintain high availability during your large-scale migrations with ServerLIFT®.


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Download our FREE white paper, "Buying a Data Center Lifting Device"

Your data center is mission critical, and downtime can mean tens of thousands of angry customers and millions in losses. Our free guidebook helps you to identify the correct tools for avoiding downtime effectively as a data center manager.


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The Data Center Migration Guide

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Buying a Data Center Lifting Device

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The Data Center Safety Guidebook

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Best Practices for Moving IT Department in the Data Center

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Best Practices for Data Center Equipment Handling

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