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ServerLIFT Leadership

Ray Zuckerman  |  Chairman & CEO   

Ray Zuckerman

Chairman & CEO

Ray ZuckermanMr. Zuckerman serves as both the Chairman and CEO of ServerLIFT®. His extensive background has allowed ServerLIFT® to thrive by focusing on product and technology development for the data center environment. In its operating history, he has brought the company from a three-person startup to a global force that has created a new category and paradigm of data center operations. In addition he regularly advises emerging corporations.

Mr. Zuckerman is an experienced entrepreneur and business developer. Over the last 30 years he has, as a member of senior management, established and directed profitable and successful manufacturing companies and technology consulting firms. Among his accomplishments, he revamped a 300-person commercial injection molding firm from a history of failure to one of profitability, reducing downtime by over 90 percent; increased the size of a manufacturing firm by 600 percent within 10 years, enabling a profitable sale; and revamped the procedures and technical design of a long-distance transport system company such that they competed successfully in a market previously dominated by foreign companies.</>

Mr. Zuckerman earned his engineering degree while working in his field, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree with a specialty in Mechanical Engineering from CCNY. He undertook advanced studies at Rutgers University and New York University in their MBA programs, specializing in finance.  

Learn more about Ray’s story and his journey to founding ServerLIFT®.

David Zuckerman |  VP of Product Management   

David Zuckerman

VP of Product Management

David co-founded ServerLIFT® Corporation, the world leader in server-handling solutions, in 2002, and was active in the design of the first product and the entire process. He remains an active member of the management team, as well as the Board, and works with his team and key clients in identifying opportunities for expanded product offerings and bringing them to market.

David is an industrial designer with 20 years of experience in product design and manufacturing. He is a critical thinker who approaches every task from a fresh perspective. David challenges limitations and enjoys working outside of the comfort zone to encourage himself and others to develop creative solutions.

Since 1995, David has been active in working with startups to bring new products from concept through production. He has participated in every step of the design process as well as the sourcing and management of various manufacturing processes.

Ken Franklin  |  Warehouse/Production Manager   

Ken Franklin

Warehouse/Production Manager

Ken FranklinKen has been with ServerLIFT® since 2010, and was brought onboard to build a U.S.-based assembly for the United States. Starting with an empty building, Ken has built and now manages the ServerLIFT® full-scale manufacturing and production facility, including receiving, material handling equipment, storage, racking and shelving, production, and product release. He is responsible for overseeing the warehouse processes and procedures both inbound and outbound. Ken works closely with engineering to make sure product designs can be properly manufactured, works with sales and order processing to forecast production direction, and works with ServerLIFT® Quality Control to comply with ISO and UL processes.

Ken has 24 years of experience in the moving and storage (transportation) industry, 14 of which he spent in warehousing and warehouse managing.


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