ServerLIFT Enterprise Solutions

Create a Unified Strategy Across Your Enterprise
In an enterprise sized company, small improvements can have substantial impact over a period of time. Applied across an entire network with a level of consistency, these changes can be significant in improving data center efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Enterprises are under constant pressure to scale with limited resources in an short period of time. Frequent IT equipment upgrades in multiple data center locations drain resources and increase the risk of work related injury from lifting heavy IT hardware.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): “Back disorders are one of the leading causes of disability for people in their working years and afflict over 600,000 employees each year with a cost of about $50 billion annually.”

Deploy, Migrate and Maintain Your IT Equipment
ServerLIFT Enterprise Solutions help accelerate the server deployment process, mitigate risk and improve data center efficiency throughout your global footprint. Improve your data center operations — Join the elite community of ServerLIFT Enterprise Solutions™ customers today.

• Increase Safety • Optimize Employee Productivity • Reduce Operating Costs