Buying a data center lifting device

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Key Advantages to ServerLIFT


Flexential ServerLIFT Testimonial

Chris Boyll with Flexential Data Centers discusses the benefits of having a ServerLIFT solution for his data center operations.


3 Crucial Differences: ServerLIFT vs. Racklift

The only safe, reliable lifting tool is a ServerLIFT data center lift. See a side-by-side comparison with Racklift devices here.


ServerLIFT Corporation

Take a look behind the scenes and get to know our team.


Intelligent Design and Quality Manufacturing

The details matter at ServerLIFT. Get an inside look at our manufacturing and design philosophies.


The 3 Rules of a Data Center Lift

Only one company makes lifts that follow the 3 rules of server-handling in data centers.


Data Center Lifts

Our data center lifts are built for endurance, reducing manpower and increasing productivity.

ServerLIFT Products


ServerLIFT SL-1000X Data Center Lift

The world’s top data center professionals asked for a super-duty server-lifting device, and we listened.


ServerLIFT SL-500X Data Center Lift

The SL-500X Data Center Lift is the industry standard server lifter for data center hardware.


ServerLIFT SL- 350X Data Center Lift

The perfect choice for infrequent moves, the ServerLIFT SL-350X enhances data center operations.


ServerLIFT SL-500FX Data Center Lift

This front-loading powered lift is designed for front loading needs and reaching deep into the rack.

See ServerLIFT in Action


Unboxing the NVIDIA DGX-2 server

How to unbox the NVIDIA DGX-2 server and prepare it for install using the ServerLIFT SL-500X data center lift with the WS-1X Wide Shelf attachment.


Installing the NVIDIA DGX-2 server

How to install an NVIDIA DGX-2 server using a ServerLIFT SL-500X data center lift and WS-1X Wide Shelf attachment.


Server Installation Made Easy

Watch as a ServerLIFT data center lift is used to install a heavy server into the rack.


The 60-Second Install

The RS-500X Rail Lift is used to demonstrate an easy 60-second install with the SL-500X server lifting device.


Performing Low Installs

The PL-500X Platform Extension helps you to dominate near-floor installations.


Unpacking Servers from Boxes

The ServerLIFT LE-1000X Lift Extension makes unpacking heavy hardware a breeze.


Cold Containment and Low-Ceiling Installs

The ServerLIFT RL-500 Platform Riser is lightweight but can support hundreds of pounds of equipment.

ServerLIFT Serves U.S. Government Agencies

Some of our customers rely on our data center lifts for mission-critical government work.

Tips and Instructions for Use


Quick Safety Tips

Key safety tips for all ServerLIFT data center lift users.


Unpacking Instructions

Here is how to get started when your brand new lift arrives.


Speak to a specialist to find the right lifting solution for your data center.

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Buying a Data Center Lifting Device

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Best Practices for Moving IT Department in the Data Center

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