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Our Story / History

Our Mission

ServerLIFT®‘s mission is to provide the safest and most effective tools and solutions for the physical handling of rack-mounted IT equipment.

Our Values

Respect: We endeavor to act fairly, honestly, and respectfully with everyone in all situations.

Integrity: We always conduct ourselves with integrity and hold ourselves accountable.

Innovation & Value: We innovate with purpose and meaning to deliver optimal value.

Improvement: Our focus is on always improving.

Our Story/History

In every workplace, it is a baseline promise that the company will do everything possible to keep employees safe and to provide them with the tools they need to do their best work every day.

Back in the early 2000’s, the founders of ServerLIFT® realized that data centers, one of the fastest-growing industries around, wasn’t set up to keep that promise. As part of their job, highly educated computer technicians needed to physically lift, move, and support expensive servers in order to install or remove them from racks. Some of those servers could weigh anywhere from 50 to hundreds of pounds. It was unnecessarily dangerous work to be sure.

In 2002, we got busy getting set up as a company. From the beginning, we conducted extensive research to identify the key features required to move servers and peripheral equipment safely and efficiently in the modern data center. We had a great idea and we were finishing our initial designs and plans for manufacturing.

We had even created a basic website, so we were “out there.” But not in our wildest dreams did we think that someone would come knocking on our door, so to speak, let alone that the potential customer that came knocking would be one of the biggest companies in the country and a member of the Fortune 500.

But that’s what happened. The very big company company found us, called us, and asked if they could submit a purchase order for our only model (at the time) – the ServerLIFT® SL500 Electric Data Center Lift.  We politely explained that we didn’t have any in stock, and in fact, we wouldn’t have the first manufactured model for at least a year. They didn’t blink and gave us the PO anyway.

The reason, they explained, is that one of their data center employees had dropped a server on his leg while trying to install the server, by hand, overhead. He was badly injured and sought a judgement against the company that included a big pay out of damages as well as assurances that this company would do something significant to prevent others from ever being hurt like that.

The rest is history; we invented a category, revolutionized an industry, and ever since have been happily saving data center employees from injury, and the equipment they work with from damage, by providing designed-for-the-purpose data center lifts.

Almost more importantly, we regularly hear how much using ServerLIFT® products transforms the work days of our clients for the better by helping them keep that promise to their staff and eliminating the stress, burden and dangers of physical data center operations forever.

Our efforts to change how things are done in data centers is ongoing, as we continue to innovate by listening to, and responding to the needs of our clients and the industry at large.

ServerLIFT® has forever changed the way IT equipment is handled, in a way that data center experts want and need it to be done. By taking a holistic view of evolving demands, IT processes, and industry trends, our product roadmap ensures that ServerLIFT® will continue to be the IT professional’s safest and smartest data center decision.


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