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How to Rent

ServerLIFT® Rental Program

For one-time moves and temporary needs, a ServerLIFT® rental may be just what you need to get your project off of the ground.

What is the Rental Program?

The ServerLIFT® Rental Program is a flexible option for those who need a temporary server handling solution to ensure that small projects are completed safely and on time.

ServerLIFT® data center lifts are available for rent within the United States and Canada. For inquiries on international rental options, please contact us.

Do I Need to Rent a Data Center Lift?

The rental program was designed for high demand, one-time jobs, and temporary needs, and is a great way to introduce or supplement your regular server handling solutions for your team and your clients. It can be especially helpful when your team is racking and unracking equipment much more than usual, such as during:

  • Deployments
  • Migrations
  • Data center refresh projects

This can also help clients who do not have a permanent place to house a data center lift.

How Do I Get a ServerLIFT® Rental Solution?

Rental lifts are available by request and are shipped from, and subsequently back to, our warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona in a convenient, no-tools required crate. Just unlatch and fold down the crate sidewall/ramp and roll the machine right off.

Available models include the SL-500X, SL-500C, SL-1000X and SL-350X*. Functional attachments including lift extensions, rail lifts, glide tables, and more can be used to customize the rental based on your specific job or needs.

Speak with our expert team for further information or for assistance in selecting the right combination of rental lift and attachments for your project.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Lift?

A ServerLIFT® data center lift rental is available at approximately 10% of the purchase price per month, plus the cost of roundtrip shipping.

Renting vs. Buying

Purchase of a new or pre-owned ServerLIFT® data center lift provides a much higher return on investment when compared to a long-term or repeat rental.

In a situation where a data center lift is required for regular infrastructure moves, or is needed for a span of two months or longer, purchasing a ServerLIFT® server-handling device is much more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective than renting. You can compare significant rental and shipping costs to the value of an in-house premium server-lifting piece of equipment.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and equipment financing options to help you find the best deal.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

If a rental machine stops functioning during the rental period, ServerLIFT® will arrange a repair or replacement at our cost. You may be needed to assist our Service and Support team with troubleshooting. If there is damage or a failure that is due to the misuse of the machine, the cost of repair or replacement will be added to the price of the rental.

For pricing or more information, contact the ServerLIFT® sales team.

* models subject to availability at time of rental


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Speak to a specialist to find the right lifting solution for your data center.

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