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RL-500 Platform Riser

Safely Reach the Top of Any Rack

The RL-500™ Platform Riser ensures that server installs are seamless and safe for all data center specifications, including environments with overhead obstructions. Along with optimum server support for top-of-the-rack installs, the RL-500 Platform Riser raises the working height of the platform itself, expanding the capability of any ServerLIFT® machine to over 58U high.


containerized data center

Containerized Data Centers

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Cold and Hot Aisle Containment

Overhead cable trays

Overhead Cable Trays

Containerized Data Centers

Installing IT equipment can be especially difficult at the top of a rack in areas with low ceiling clearance, such as in containerized data centers, cold and hot aisle containment rooms, and on racks with overhead cable trays. The ServerLIFT® RL-500 Platform Riser enables you to reach to the top of any rack or cabinet without the interference of overhead obstructions. Eliminate access issues with low ceiling clearance, containment structures, and overhead trays once and for all. 

The Only Solution of its Kind

The RL-500 Platform Riser features a lightweight and rugged design. It is capable of supporting up to 500 lbs (227 kg), and is compatible with all ServerLIFT® models.

Optimal server support for top-of-the-rack installs in height-restricted areas is achieved by positioning the IT equipment higher than the ServerLIFT® unit itself. This ensures that low ceilings, containment structures, overhead cable trays and other obstructions won’t interfere with the ServerLIFT® mast before the server reaches its install point—even with the ServerLIFT® mast extended fully upward.

The RL-500 is the only solution available for the data center that enables a user to install servers at the top of any rack in areas where positioning equipment can be challenging.

Compatibility and Benefits

  • Perfect for any data center environment
  • Compatible with all ServerLIFT® models
  • One tech per install, every time—supports up to 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Fits into standard 19” racks—raises platform height by 9U (15.75” or 40cm)
  • Easy four-point attachment with included thumbscrews
  • The RS-500X™ Rail Lift, GT-1000X™ Glide Table, and WS-1X™ Wide Shelf attachments can be mounted to the top of the Platform Riser

The ServerLIFT® Guarantee

The RL-500 Platform Riser is backed by a worry-free, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


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