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Why Us

Our Dedication to Safety​

Enable a culture of safety in your data center.

Enable a Culture of Safety in Your Data Center

From the very beginning, our mission has been to address safety issues in the data center head-on. It is not enough to strive for incident avoidance and hope for the best.

SL-500X Server Install

That is why we continue to innovate and create products that protect the operator and equipment as it is transported, positioned, removed and installed. Our insistence on maintaining this proactive approach is reflected in our 100% accident-free reputation as reported by our clients.

Managing Risk in Your Data Center

Managing liability (and public relations) in the data center environment means working to ensure employee health and safety at all times. 

ServerLIFT® offers multiple solutions for the transportation of your heaviest hardware without the need to ever log an OSHA complaint.

ServerLIFT® was created by engineers to fit the tight, narrow confines of today’s modern data center, with expensive equipment placed easily in close proximity to the lift. 

Safety Features of Note on ServerLIFT® Data Center Lifts:

  • All of our lifts, side loading or front loading, manual or motorized, are designed with zero pinch points for catching fingers or wrenching backs.
  • Equipment weighing up to 1,000 lbs. (454 kg) can be lowered or lifted with the press of a button.
  • At just 24” (61 cm) wide, our machines are easy to maneuver right up to the rack.
  • Dual-Point Stabilizer Brakes lock ServerLIFT® data center lifts into place without any wiggle room.
  • Ergonomic Easy-Turn Swivel Handles are easy to grip and offer full control of the ServerLIFT® apparatus.
  • The all-steel frame and included strap kit ensure a smooth ride and stable platform for servers.

Whether you plan to move servers often or occasionally, we’ve created the premier lift for your needs. To read more about our products, click here. 

SL-1000X Braking

Data Center Safety

To get involved, join the Data Center Safety group on LinkedIn, a collaborative space for topics surrounding data center operations, best practices, improving working conditions, and developing compliance with global safety standards.

Certified for Use in Any Data Center

Our standards and certifications are maintained to match the rigorous work done by data center designers and engineers. In addition to complying with CE, FCC, IC (all data center lifting devices) and UL certifications (SL-350X®), we also comply with ISO 9001 and 14001, and we operate under the guidelines of the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system. Here are the regulations adhered to by ServerLIFT®, in detail:

UL Global Product Certification 

UL LogoUL is a company with well over a century of comprehensive certification programs for products, facilities, processes, and systems. The overarching commonality is their focus on safety, accepted across the world. Many of our clients have adopted the UL standard for equipment used in their facilities. All ServerLIFT® data center lifts have been evaluated and approved by UL. Contact our Service and Support team for more information on UL certification on our products.

CE European Conformity 

The CE marking signifies that products sold in the EEA (European Economic Area) have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. The CE stamp is required on all products imported into and sold in Europe. It focuses on two different types of safety: mechanical and electromagnetic. All ServerLIFT® data center lifts carry the CE seal.

FCC Certification 

ServerLIFT® devices will not cause electromagnetic interference with computers and servers. This type of disturbance can degrade performance or stop equipment from functioning entirely. While the FCC is an American government entity, this certification is recognized globally and incorporated into data centers worldwide.

IC Certification 

This certification ensures operators are not affected by any RF energy being emitted by a ServerLIFT® product. IC is a Canadian certification issued by the Certification and Engineering Bureau. Testing is parallel to CE and FCC testing.

KC Certification (2010-SVL)

KC Logo

KC (Korea Certification) is issued by the Korea Standards Association, and pertains to the country’s product safety requirements for all electrical and electronic equipment. It is focused on environmental risk reduction and prevention.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

ServerLIFT® meets ISO 9001 and 14001. ISO 9001 certification means that, as a manufacturer, we have developed and maintain an approved system of quality assurance and continuous improvement.  Similarly, our designation as an ISO 14001 manufacturer means that we operate under a system that ensures we are continuously reducing or minimizing our environmental impact.

If you have adopted an ISO standard in your data center (or both) it makes good sense to standardize your purchases from an equally accredited supplier.


NIOSH Compliant for Lifting and Pushing

If you are unsure about lifting limits in your particular case, we recommend the NIOSH Lifting Equation. This is a tool used by occupational health and safety professionals to assess the manual handling risks associated with lifting and lowering tasks in the workplace. Download this app to get started.

Contact our support staff at any time to learn more about how ServerLIFT® works to fit our products directly within your operational expectations, and click here to read more about our quality assurance process.


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