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SL-1000X® Super-Duty Lift

The Most Versatile Data Center Lift

The compact and powerful ServerLIFT® SL-1000X® data center lift meets the demands of the continuously evolving IT industry. It is the ideal solution for handling the lightest or heaviest equipment during everyday use or a major data center migration project. Around the world, data center leaders rely on these powerful lifts to improve safety, efficiency, and morale.


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Streamline Data Center Operations

The SL-1000X Super-Duty Lift is the most powerful option on the market and the only advanced server-handling solution of its kind. With only one tech needed per move, anyone can quickly and safely transport, position, and install/remove rack-mounted equipment up to 1,000 lbs (454 kgs). It is the only compact lift built for any data center and their heaviest servers. It can also traverse ramps and floor gradients with angles up to 3.9 degrees.

Footprint (WxLxH): 24 x 47 x 78 inches
Weight (unloaded): 539lb (245 kg)

Shipping Dims (WxLxH): 26 x 48 x 85 inches
Shipping Weight: 675lb (307 kg) 

man pushing SL-1000X

Handle Any Size Equipment Safely and Easily

Leading data centers rely on ServerLIFT® advanced lifting solutions to avoid serious employee injury and equipment damage. From regular refreshes of thin lightweight servers at the top of a cabinet, to occasional installs of heavy 18U switches down at the bottom, the SL-1000X Super-Duty Lift can handle any rack-mounted device in any situation.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

ServerLIFT® server handling lifts are designed to be the data center professional’s safest and smartest decision. Ours is the only data center lift certified to meet global safety standards, with a 100% accident-free record reported by our customers.
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Danger in the Data Center​

“Manual material handling is the principal source of compensable injuries in the American workforce, and four out of five of these injuries will affect the lower back.”
– Occupational Safety and Health Administration

“Over 36% of injuries involving missed workdays were the result of shoulder and back injuries…lifting loads over 50 pounds will increase the risk of injury.”
– US Bureau of Labor

No More Manual Lifting

IT equipment manufacturers typically specify using two to four people for handling and installation. Even with four people, manually lifting equipment unnecessarily increases the risk of accident. Manual lifting also delays other critical data center tasks from being performed.

bad lifting technique
SL-1000X strapped in near ground install

Save Time and Money with ServerLIFT®

Installing servers and related IT equipment is both dangerous and inefficient. Depending on the number of people used to install equipment, data center efficiency can improve by up to 300% with ServerLIFT®.

Two salaried employees installing a new piece of rack-mounted equipment weighing 75 pounds* by hand provides a perfect example. This task requires 30+ minutes of high-tension work per employee, risking muscle strain, pinched fingers, and other injuries. Conversely, a single tech using a ServerLIFT® data center lift can make the move in 15 minutes with no risk involved.

* mounted to the rack—no cabling or connections
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The ServerLIFT® Guarantee

The SL-1000X Super-Duty Lift is backed by a worry-free, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


Heavy Duty Platform

The platform stays rigid and level, even when lifting up to 1,000 lbs (454 kgs). This provides the critical post-to-post alignment needed to precisely rack-mount any server, making installation a breeze.

Side-Loading Capability

The side-shifting platform orients equipment for loading parallel to racks on either side of an aisle. With 6 inches (15.24 cm) of lateral movement in either direction, the platform provides the support you need while securing the equipment to the rack.


install safely to top of rack

The RL-500™ Platform Riser enables you to reach to the top of any rack without hitting overhead obstructions.
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ServerLIFT® Service and Extended Warranty agreements are available in one-, three- and five-year terms on the SL-1000X. Warranty extensions include a year-end or end-of-term on-site preventative maintenance service.
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GT-1000X Glide Table friction free unloading of servers

The GT-1000X™ Bi-Directional Glide Table helps you load and unload heavy servers with a single hand for a no-stress server move...every time.
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The LE-1000X™ Lift Extension assists with lifting heavy IT equipment off of pallets and out of boxes.
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