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Data Center Managers Can Get Hands-On Demos of Lifts at NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and DCD Enterprise

ServerLIFT Corporation, which manufactures the most robust and convenient lifts for data centers, will be giving data center managers the opportunity to personally try ServerLIFT data center equipment lifting devices at two upcoming shows:

  • March 26-29 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, California. This premier conference focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. Visitors will learn about university research breakthroughs and the latest from AI startups and major-league enterprises. In addition, it will cover autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and virtual reality.
  • May 1-2 Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Transformation Summit in New York. With 1,500 data center and cloud infrastructure professionals, this event will concentrate on the modern, full-stack, private cloud, software-defined data center (SDDC). The event sponsor, DataCenterDynamics (DCD) reasons that “It is no longer a given that moving workloads into public or hybrid cloud architectures will achieve higher performance and lower costs.”  

ServerLIFT also recently participated in Data Center World Global 2018 in San Antonio, Texas, a show that featured more than 1,000 exhibitors from data centers, facilities, and IT infrastructure industries. In addition, another 3,500 members of the Association for Computer Operations Management (AFCOM) participated in the event.

ServerLIFT attends shows to ensure that their products and solutions always meet the ever-changing needs of IT industry operations. ServerLIFT exhibits at these shows to give IT managers hands-on experience with the lifting equipment for themselves, and to see how these lifts make the removal, transport, positioning, and installation of heavy data center equipment far more convenient and safe.

“The data center managers who are using three techs to lift a 500-pound server understand immediately why this method is a vast improvement,” says Steve Bashkin, director of sales for ServerLIFT. “A single tech can slide a server out of a rack, move it to the next rack, lift and position the server precisely, slide it into the rack, all at the touch of a button.”

The company also attends industry events to interact with customers. “Every function of our ServerLIFT equipment has been designed using input from data center techs and managers,” says Bashkin. “The floor clearance, the ability to install servers at the highest and lowest levels, the way the operator interacts with the controls, the unique load-balancing design, and the overall safety and robustness of our server lifts have all come from input from techs and managers.”

Learn more about the upcoming events:

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small business exporter summit NASBITE

CEO Ray Zuckerman Speaks at the National Small Business Exporter Summit in Baltimore, Maryland

Ray Zuckerman, the CEO of ServerLIFT Corporation, will speak about exportation on March 21, 2018 at the National Small Business Exporter Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. Experienced with manufacturing company growth and foreign market penetration, Zuckerman will join leading American small and medium-sized exporters in celebration of the National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators’ (NASBITE) 31st Annual Conference & National Small Business Exporter Summit.

Summit participants will share best practices and lessons based upon their own export success. According to NASBITE, educators, exporters, specialists, and students from all across North America participate in the event’s forum, which focuses on export growth. The conference provides participants with opportunities to network and attend educational conference sessions, exhibits, and student competitions.

Zuckerman’s presentation will leverage his experience with exporting from the United States and corporate growth to focus on demonstrating the basics of exporting.

“Exporting is easier than you think,” said Zuckerman. He commented that his company initially entered the foreign market by sheer luck: “A customer found us – and now, ServerLIFT Corporation serves over 60 countries worldwide. We’re continuing to expand our operations, largely by working with international distributors and resellers.”

His discussion will cover the basics, including where to start looking for information, how to build relationships, and how to get the product into customer’s hands cost-effectively and safely.

60-Second Server Installs at Data Centre World in London

ServerLIFT Corporation and Daxten Limited will demonstrate their “60-second server install” at Data Centre World (DCW) in London, from 21-22 March 2018. DCW’s visitors can actually use a server lift to install a device in a server rack. “Data center managers who experience this for the first time are amazed at how much easier it is to install and remove servers,” says Chad Rislov with Daxten.

The ServerLIFT 60-second install is considerably faster than an unassisted installation. That can take as long as a half an hour (not to mention it requires manually lifting heavy and expensive servers, risking injury and equipment damage). The hands-on demonstration, at DCW in London, allows visitors to actually see how a server lift can turn a dangerous three-person install into a smooth, efficient, professional, one-person operation.

At DCW, Visitors Try Out Equipment for Themselves

“Show visitors can actually see that there’s a server lift solution. They may not have known that it even existed beforehand,” says Steve Bashkin, the Director of Sales at ServerLIFT Corporation.

Rislov agrees. “When you’re installing a server in a data center, without a proper lift, you always have the problem of holding it in place and locking in the rails. All the while, you’re lifting it up, moving it down, and adjusting it. You have 3 people doing a job that 1 person should be able to do. With a server lift, on the other hand, you bring the server to the level you want, and a lone person can clip it in. It makes installations very fast and efficient.”

Rislov, the managing director of Daxten in Berlin, says that his company is exhibiting at Data Centre World in London, because, “it is, by far, the largest data-center-centric show in Europe. It gets the most visitors, and it’s the most interesting, with a good number of international customers.” DCW organizers anticipate the attendance of more than 20,000 data center technology enthusiasts this year.

ServerLIFT at Data Centre World

ServerLIFT will demonstrate that it produces the only server lift that can effectively carry out all 3 fundamental tasks of a data center lift.

1. Transporting (servers around the facility)
2. Positioning (servers precisely in the rack)
3. Installing (servers into or out of the rack).

When asked about alternative lifts, Jörg Poschen, the head of marketing at Daxten,, said, “There is no real alternative. With other types of lifts, operators cannot use them from the beginning to the end. They just cannot cover the whole installation and lifting process. These more primitive devices cannot lift the equipment right into the rails. You need a server lift that can lift it right into the server rails.”

Rislov, “expects a pretty good representation of all the products we have at the show. Several of the manufacturers are coming from different locations. Visitors can talk to not only the experts, including the manufacturers.”

The two partners are committed to making the data center environment safer and more effective.

French-English Translations Now Available On All ServerLIFT Data Center Devices

Leading data center server handling solutions provider, ServerLIFT Corporation, has made all its devices available with a bilingual French-English option, making it the first and only data center server lift with this option worldwide.

Customers may request all product instructions, operator’s manuals, spec sheets, brochures, and decals with French-English bilingual translations. The company’s solutions eliminate the manual handling of data center servers, up to 1,000 pounds (454 kg).

ServerLIFT has developed French translations for equipment including:

Server Lifting Machines: 

  • Motorized SL-500X Server Lift (best all-around option)
  • Super-Duty SL-1000X Server Lift (company’s most versatile server lift)
  • Hand-cranked Manual SL-350X Server Lift (best for infrequent moves)
  • Front-Loading SL-500FX Server Lift (ideal for manufacturers)


  • LE-500X and LE-1000X Lift Extension (for removing equipment from boxes and off of pallets)
  • RL-500 Riser (ideal for reaching higher server racks)
  • RS-500X Rail Lift (for angling equipment into and out of drop-in rails)

ServerLIFT customers can request bilingual French materials and options, immediately.

ServerLIFT Responds to Francophonic Market

The initiative to translate critical documents resulted from demand from Canadian customers and European partner, Daxten Limited. ServerLIFT takes user feedback seriously as part of its product design and production process.

With North America’s francophone market representing 7.7% of 220 million French speakers, worldwide, ServerLIFT has opened the door to the world’s sixth-largest linguistic population on all five continents. According to the World Bank, three of the world’s largest consumer market countries – Canada, France, and Belgium – communicate in French.

By developing solutions and support materials in response to consumer needs, ServerLIFT expects to improve the francophone user experience and customer base. Argos Multilingual, observed that by providing “translated documents it opens better lines of communication, showing respect for the customer in the country you are selling in by providing your product in their language.”

“Data center employees using the new French translations on their ServerLIFT devices will be more efficient and have greater job satisfaction,” says Yves Lang from Argos Multilingual.

French Translations Critical to Data Center Facilities Compliance

The bilingual French documents will facilitate ServerLIFT’s further expansion into Canada, where the Canadian Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act demands bilingual packaging and label information on consumer goods. The Act requires that retail product labels and packaging display specific product information in both English and French.

The European Union, similarly, has specific language-labelling restrictions regarding the “preparation and provision of comprehensive product user instructions in the language of the end user.” ServerLIFT anticipates that the availability of labels in French will smooth its adoption into Europe and other francophonic countries worldwide.

Customers Can Obtain French Language Server Lift Documents Today:

ServerIFT users can obtain French language documentation by calling (602) 254-1557 or by emailing



Data Center Designer Bruns-Pak Launches First East Coast Showroom for ServerLIFT Solutions

Data center solution provider Bruns-Pak has created the first East Coast showroom to demonstrate the ServerLIFT line of lifting solutions for data center equipment. Located in Bruns-Pak’s Edison, NJ facility, the showroom currently features the ServerLIFT SL-500X® Powered Lift, designed to lift, move, and install servers and other heavy IT equipment within the narrow confines of server room aisles.

Premier IT equipment and server handling solutions provider, ServerLIFT, and mission-critical data center designer and builder, Bruns-Pak, have been working together since June 2017 on industry thought-leadership initiatives. Their collaboration has resulted in part with the new showroom where guests can visit with Bruns-Pak staff and learn about ServerLIFT solutions, operation, and safety, as well as data center (DC) safety. Visitors can access helpful resources highlighting assisted lifting devices (ALDs) and all of ServerLIFT’s data-center solutions.

Mark Evanko, Principal at Bruns-Pak, explained that the showroom would benefit the customers of both companies by demonstrating their equipment and services, while helping them expand their own professional network and gain access to industry-critical information. “We have customers right here, in New Jersey, who would benefit from seeing these popular server lifts in action,” says Evanko. “It is not safe for the equipment or the data center staff to be removing, transporting, and installing heavy and expensive servers without the help of a motorized server lift such as the SL-500X. Getting hands-on experience with the lifts is going to help them see why these units are a must-have for the more progressive data centers.”

A lot of data center managers are not even aware that there are server lifts created specifically for the data center environment. Evanko stated that by providing ServerLIFT devices in their showroom, Bruns-Pak experts can work with customers in-house. And, with access to ServerLIFT, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), it can help deal with the constant changes of equipment servers, and racks. Evanko urges data center industry leaders to experience the difference between lifting heavy equipment by hand vs. using a data center- designed lifting device.

Interested company staff and individuals may schedule a showroom visitation and demonstration to test a ServerLIFT for themselves by setting up an appointment with Steve Bashkin, the Sales Director at ServerLIFT Corporation, or Mark S. Evanko at Bruns-Pak. Both company representatives can provide quotes and other information about ServerLIFT’s data center solutions.

The new demo room is located at 999 New Durham Road, Edison, NJ 08817.

ServerLIFT Corporation signs Dafnia Middle East FZ LLC as their official Middle East and Northern Africa distributor

Phoenix, AZ – ServerLIFT Corporation expands its marketing into the Middle East and Northern Africa with the announcement of their newest distributor, DAFNIA MIDDLE EAST FZ LLC . The latest expansion of the ServerLIFT global market expands local distribution and services throughout Africa, Europe, Russia, Australia and Asia.

“We are thrilled to have such a recognized and respected partner in this region. DAFNIA defines the ideal distribution channel for us that not only can assist our global sales but that can also locally service the needs to the ServerLIFT customer base,” stated Randall Crockett, ServerLIFT Director of Strategic Partnerships.

DAFNIA provides solutions to data centers with presences in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, JAFZA, TECOM), Oman and Qatar, and within reach of GCC and MENA markets. Founded in 1993, DAFNIA plans to continue their expansion of both products and geographic reach by providing local availability to data center products within each market.

“We look forward to the new opportunities this partnership provides for both the companies. With over 20 years of experience in the IT and Telecom sector, DAFNIA has a strong hold in the fast growing market and the knowledge required to serve the ever-increasing demand of secure and reliable IT infrastructure in the MENA region. We are pleased to have ServerLIFT added to our portfolio,” said Daniel Fernandes, CEO & Technical Director of DAFNIA GROUP.


DAFNIA will sell and support all products offered by ServerLIFT, including the popular SL-500X, a powered lift unit, and all other models and accessories. Part of the new partnership will be to provide to all DAFNIA Technical Representatives full training which would make DAFNIA the regional technical channel for all services.

ServerLIFT manufactures the world’s only data center certified handling device built specifically for the management of heavy IT equipment in data centers and labs of all types. Founded in 1993, with the delivery of the first ServerLIFT in 1996, all ServerLIFT products are designed and assembled in Phoenix, Arizona and delivered to markets throughout the world.

# # #


For more information contact:

ServerLIFT Marketing Communications

Melissa Mazar

841 N. 2nd St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


ServerLIFT Signs New Distribution Partner in Australia

ServerLIFT, the premier provider of IT equipment handling solutions, announces the latest distributor to join their global footprint. JCS Technologies specializes in data center infrastructure products including cabinets, intelligent power rails, electrical busway distribution systems, communications cabling, power and environmental monitoring and asset management solutions.

“We are very pleased with our new partnership and expanded exposure in the Australian market” said Jake Iskhakov, Director of Sales & Marketing at ServerLIFT Corporation.

The partnership extends global coverage for ServerLIFT in Australia while providing a more effective regional distribution of the ServerLIFT product line. The ongoing focus of JCS Technologies to provide efficient, reliable and safe environments for data centers creates an ideal paring for both companies with a similar focus on providing solutions for key challenges that confront IT infrastructures today.

Tony Khoury, National Business & Technical Director at JCS Technologies stated “We pride ourselves in the package of truly world class infrastructure solutions we bring to the Australian market and the ServerLIFT product adds a valuable dimension to our offering. The ServerLIFT product range is world leading in the market it serves. The cost savings and safety benefits that ServerLIFT products bring to the Australian market are very important to us”.

The ServerLIFT brand has gained a significant global market with their extension into Europe, Russia, Canada, China, Southeast Asia and South Africa.

About JCS Technologies:
JCS Technologies is an Australian owned and operated manufacturing and distribution company with specialties in building and data centre infrastructure products including cabinets, intelligent power rails, electrical busway distribution systems, communications cabling, power and environmental monitoring and asset management solutions. We have been serving the IT industry in NSW since 1994 and providing convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the IT manufacturing industry

ServerLIFT Red Carpet Event at Interop Las Vegas 2014

ServerLIFT Red Carpet Event at Interop Las Vegas 2014

Another great show for ServerLIFT at Interop in sunny Las Vegas. We had a lot of great pictures, with all of you alongside the SL-500FX™ Powered Front Loading ServerLIFT. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth, took our survey, participated in our prize giveaways and posed with the SL-500FX™, you made this event great.

ServerLIFT Signs New Distribution Partner in China

ServerLIFT Corporation has appointed Banyano as its distributor of server handling solutions in China. This agreement includes distribution of all products, accessories, service contracts, extended warranties, and spare parts.

“We are pleased to announce Banyano as our new partner to market and distribute ServerLIFT solutions in China. This partnership will help ServerLIFT serve our customer base in the Chinese market better and significantly expand in this important and growing segment of the data center market.” – Ray Zuckerman, CEO of ServerLIFT Corporation

After a strong finish in 2013, ServerLIFT set its sights on developing other leading markets. With the success of the distribution model in other global markets, ServerLIFT plans to further penetrate the highly advanced Chinese market. ServerLIFT’s current distribution footprint includes popular and large markets such as Europe, Russia, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, China and South Africa. The company plans to enter India, South America, and the Middle East this year.

“ServerLIFT has a very unique solution to solve the problems that many Chinese data center owners face. We are extremely pleased to add SL to our product portfolio.” – Danny Cheng, CEO of Banyano Group

About Banyano

Founded in 2004, Banyano Group is a data center infrastructure solution expert in China. Banyano is committed to optimizing data center solutions and services to their customers in the Chinese Market.

With a deep understanding of the data center industry, Banyano accumulated a wealth of resources and distribution channels across China to better serve their domestic users with IT infrastructure solutions. Banyano is a unique agency for Spain AST Modular and the American Tate in China. Banyano’s Research and Development Center is located in Shanghai Pudong with a production facility based in Ningbo. Banyano’s offices are currently headquartered in Shenyang, Jinan, and Fuzhou.

ServerLIFT Signs New Distribution Partner in Russia

ServerLIFT Corporation is excited to announce a new partnership with Merlion, the leading distributor of technology products in the Russian market. Penetrating into large markets such as Russia is both very challenging and very rewarding. Merlion currently has relationships with the largest integrators, re-sellers and data centers in Russia, making them the best partner to help distribute ServerLIFT products.

As the ServerLIFT brand continues to grow globally, it is important to have partners with a local presence in each major market. With accelerated growth over the past few years in other markets, ServerLIFT atrributes much of its success to distribution channels in Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Canada.

“Our new agreement with Merlion is part of 3 strategic partnerships in major markets this year,” Said Jake Iskhakov, Director of Sales & Marketing. “We are confident Merlion will be able to add tremendous value in Russia”

ServerLIFT solutions help data center professionals safely lift and move critical servers and IT equipment in restricted data center environments. ServerLIFT is the only company with products that are certified by the manufacturer for use in a data center environment.

About Merlion

Founded in 1992, MERLION is the largest all-in-one distributor in the Russian market. The company specializes in computer products and VAD distribution of both hardware and software.

MERLION has strong relations with most of the leading global manufacturers, with a product portfolio of 450 brands, the company has concluded more than 300 direct distribution agreements. MERLION is partnered with over 9,000 companies across Russia and in the CIS countries, with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Kazakhstan (Almaty).