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“The serverLIFT was of great benefit during the racking of our blade centers. With the use of the strap kit, one person was able to unbox and safely place the 300 pound device into a rack on the rails. The benefit of not having to remove the blades and power supply components from the chassis to make it lighter saved time and potential damage.”

Ken Ward, Sr. Datacenter Engineer Godaddy

“We have a ServerLIFT and it’s awesome. It can lift 500 lbs without issue. Even the largest Cisco devices can be installed using it. Our facilities group uses it as to pull motors from CRAC Units. It’s well worth the investment.”

Dan Balitewicz, Sr. Manager – Infrastructure Operations Kelloggs

“We love our ServerLift here at NCCMedia. Most thought I was getting lazy for ordering it. Those ideas changed after we put it into use. I had one employee de-rack a full HP blade chassis by himself. That’s over 400 pounds! Wonderful product and we show it off to visiting venders that sell us equipment that needs to be racked. We give it five stars…”

David Smith, Director of Network Services NCC logo

“ServerLift is a great product that is easy to use, and promotes safety within the data center. It is especially useful to us in our new data centers, where we have standardized on 9ft. racks. I was most pleased with how easily it allowed us to move and re-rack our large AS/400 systems during a limited outage window.”

Brad Gibbs, Lead Data Center Support Amway

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Global Solutions to Improve Any Server Move

Information technology is constantly evolving and introducing new data center equipment in an effort to increase capacity and efficiency. As part of the dynamic process, server moves and data center equipment upgrades present a complex physical challenge. Typically, IT professionals are tasked with handling a heavy blade enclosure during a server move without the proper tools or standardized procedures, when a specialized server lift would have worked. When it is time for a server move, ServerLIFT offers specialized solutions to increase safety and streamline daily operations. Industry leading data centers rely on ServerLIFT.

Advanced Server Lift Data Center Equipment

ServerLIFT is revolutionizing the IT hardware industry world-wide with lifting solutions that are Data Center Certified. Our innovative products effectively lift data center equipment and handle any server move in confined environments. With a focus on reducing risk of injury during critical server moves, ServerLIFT is the leading global provider of solutions for handling data center equipment.

  • Increase Safety

    Reduce unnecessary risk of workplace injuries and costly data center equipment damage with a ServerLIFT Data Center Infrastructure Handling Device

  • Enhance Productivity and Lower Costs

    Lift server hardware equipment with one person, allowing other employees to complete critical data center operations.

  • Streamline Server Deployment

    Create a standardized process and procedure for installing and decommissioning IT equipment and server hardware

  • Improve Employee Morale

    Use the right tools to perform the difficult task of handling IT equipment, removing the burden from employees

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