Rack Like a Pro™ with ServerLIFT

Rack Like a Pro™
with ServerLIFT

The best and ONLY safe way to handle servers

Rent one of our popular data center lifts in the USA and Canada! Great for one-off and temporary projects. Check out the video or learn more!

Transform your data center with the most-trusted data center lift solution. We’ve built our business on the foundation of one single principle: to relocate equipment safely and efficiently. ServerLIFT makes the only data center server-handling tool that can be used by anyone to transport, position, install, or remove any server in data centers across the world.

Best Value, Most Popular
ServerLIFT SL-500X – Powered
The best all-around solution with easy, one-touch electric lifting.

Lifts the Heaviest Servers
ServerLIFT SL-1000X
Powered Super Duty
The most versatile data center lift on the market.

For Infrequent Moves
ServerLIFT SL-350X
Hand Cranked

Our premium hand-cranked data center lift.

Extended Rack Support
ServerLIFT SL-500FX
Front Loading Powered

The ideal choice for facilities with wide aisles.

motorized side-loading lift up to 500 lbs. capacity
Super-Duty Lift electronically lifts servers up to 1,000lbs.
lifts servers up to 1,000lbs. manually with a hand crank
electric front-loading data center lift  up to 500 lbs.

Best Value, Most Popular
ServerLIFT SL-500X®
Electric Data Center Lift

The best all-around solution with easy, one-touch electric lifting.

Lifts the Heaviest Servers ServerLIFT SL-1000X® Super-Duty Lift The most versatile and heavy-duty data center lift on the market.

For Occasional Moves
ServerLIFT SL-350X®
Hand-Cranked Lift

Our premium hand-cranked alternative to electric data center lifts.

Extended Server Support
ServerLIFT SL-500FX™
Front-Loading Lift

The ideal choice for manufacturers and facilities with wide aisles.

We’re Trusted By These Great Companies

The #1 Best-Selling Data Center Lifting Device in the World

Data Center Lifts for the Toughest Jobs

Our super-duty solutions are designed to tackle top data center environment concerns. Moving equipment within data center aisles as narrow as 36” (92 cm) is easy with a shelf that slides from side to side, eliminating the need to turn around.

Servers weighing up to 1,000 pounds (454 kg) can be handled and supported all the way from unboxing, to transportation over uneven flooring, to placement within the rack. Operators have ample room to safely move and manipulate equipment without risk of injury.

Every movement is critical. That’s why we have considered even the smallest details in bringing you the expert support of a ServerLIFT data center lift.

Fully Loaded Lifts Traverse Without Tipping

ServerLIFT assisted lifting devices are slim enough for the smallest data center aisles, moving seamlessly across data center floors and through standard-size doorways. Our stable platform means floor obstructions—including raised tiles and cord protectors—will not result in tipping or damaged equipment.

Bilateral Platform Makes Maneuvering Easy

ServerLIFT data center lifts give the operator access to the rack on either side of the aisle with side-to-side installation. There is no need to turn the device around, or bring in another operator for assistance.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

ServerLIFT server handling lifts are designed to be the data center professional’s safest and smartest decision. Ours is the only data center lift certified to meet global safety standards, with a 100% accident-free record reported by our customers.

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We are relentless about quality, safety, and continuous improvement. That’s why you can have piece of mind knowing that ServerLIFT is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 manufacturer and we produce the only data center lifts with CE, FCC/IC, KC, and UL product certifications.


Robert SchaferRobert Schafer
20:52 20 Apr 22
The ServerLIFT team was very professional and great to work with from the start. From their sales group to their shipping staff, all were more than willing to help, providing information and updates, and ensured we received our lift in a very timely fashion. Within 24 hours of its arrival, my I.T. dept has reported the lift is working well and the remote (pendant) this unit was equipped with is a very useful feature. Good people, good product.
Jordan BrooksJordan Brooks
21:31 10 May 21
I have been working with ServerLIFT for several years and have had nothing but a great experience every time. Their staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Brandon always goes above and beyond to make sure all of our projects run smoothly.
Ben HoBen Ho
12:18 03 May 21
We've been working with ServerLIFT for years and they are great expertise in their product type and target market. They provided us with the excellent technology which is definitely effective and safe with the several proven product compliance certifications.We are optimistic and confident to promote ServerLIFT, a comprehensive Server handling solutions which are superb in helping mobility of heavy and bulky equipment and prevent injuries in the migration or setting up of Data Centers.ServerLIFT is trustworthy and the accountability to take responsibility for quality issues and always address to them immediately and quickly. Their actions are truly commendable based on my personal experience working as a Distributor for ServerLIFT for the past years.
Eric GoodmanEric Goodman
23:12 23 Apr 21
ServerLIFT has delivered a superior product and a customer service experience to match. Their friendly and professional staff has been very helpful to our team and shares values with our company as well. We are happy with ServerLIFT and highly recommend!
Tony KhouryTony Khoury
19:47 22 Apr 21
These guys make the best product of it's type on the market. I have dealt with them for many years and through various companies I have worked for and have always found them to be professional. They clearly understand where their product fits in the market.
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