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Why CE Certification Matters in Data Center Safety

CE is a certification that specifically applies to products sold into the European Economic Area (EEA) and makes it possible to freely sell those products throughout EU countries. In some cases, this is a hard requirement.

If there are any CE Mark Directives that apply to a given product, then that product is absolutely required, by law, to be CE-compliant in order to sell it into the EEA. That is why the CE marking is an absolute must-have for data center lifts. 

The Safety of Machinery directive applies to all manner of devices that would be used to handle servers—whether they are in a data center or not. For electric or motorized lifts, compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Low-Voltage Equipment CE directives is critical to ensure the safety and protection of the operator, the lift, and the surrounding server room equipment in any data center.

Meeting or exceeding the requirements of this standard has many more practical benefits than simply being a passport to purchasing the lift for use in the EEA. No matter where a data center might be located, a lift with the CE stamp is an indicator that it is a viable option for use in that data center. It means that the lift has been assessed to meet a very high standard for  mechanical and electromagnetic safety. 

The entire purpose of using a lift in a data center is to improve the safety and efficiency of the day-to-day operations. After all, moving, lifting, and supporting heavy and/or expensive server equipment by hand is extremely risky and dangerous. The last thing anyone would want to do is to solve that problem with a device that is unsafe. A lift that is replete with pinch points, unstable when loaded, or electromagnetically interferes with or damages the expensive and sensitive equipment it is meant to help install would never achieve the CE marking.

That is why all ServerLIFT data center lifts carry the CE seal. CE is the very first safety certification we pursued. As expected, compliance was relatively easy, because the standards our lifts needed to comply with were totally in sync with the philosophy with which we design all of our products and the ideals to which we strive for as a company.

In fact, to the best of our knowledge, there is no other data center lift on the market today that proudly displays the CE mark. That’s incredibly important, because data center lifts are safety devices. Knowing that the lift you choose for your data center operations are CE-certified means that you have an objective, independent, and verifiable guarantee that you made a decision that will improve the safety of your workplace. Anything without that mark just isn’t good enough.

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