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With Modular Data Centers on the Rise, DCMs Need Faster Server Equipment Setup to Keep Up… Here’s How.

While data center managers (DCM) certainly see the differing options for modular data centers as providing a means of faster deployment and space maximization at a lower cost, those attributes can come at a price all their own. Since these data center modules are typically removable, consideration needs to be given to installation and removal logistics. These logistics may include access for cranes, trucks, forklifts in many cases while server lifts are often a part of every installation. This is particularly true where necessary free space and enough turning radius to bring a module in or take it out is a prime consideration.

DCMs may have a number of DCIM tools to help them deal with these changes in order to ensure optimal space efficiency with module placement. That means taking into account the logistics of service access corridors between modules, if needed, but also the best layout of infrastructure modules versus those that only carry payload.

Deployment speed is always a concern, but it cannot come at the cost of the resiliency and operational efficiency of the overall data center design. Keeping up with the pace of these types of deployments can require highly flexible server lifts that can meet the space limitations while also providing the stable weight lifting capacity that are needed in the deployment and outfitting of modular data centers.

For many DCMs modular data center designs are part of an expanding data center where multitenant needs are constantly in flux. That means that server lift solutions must be able to accommodate a wide range of options beyond just weight, stability, lifting capacity, and streamlined footprint. Server equipment setup solutions like server lifts must have the ability to provide the tight turning radius and the lateral shelf movement to accommodate all modular and traditional data center configurations.

To learn about the ServerLIFT options that can enable the speed, flexibility and safety that modular data centers require, contact us online or call +1 602-254-1557 to speak with a ServerLIFT specialist.

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