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Focus On Server Manufacturer: Fujitsu

Fujitsu Limited is based in Tokyo, Japan, and was founded in 1935. It is a global leader in IT equipment and services—ranked number 4 in the world based on total revenue, behind IBM, Accenture, and AWS (Amazon Web Services). Fujitsu focuses primarily on computing products and is a major server manufacturer.  Fujitsu reported $23.8 billion

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Time To Update Your Servers? A Helpful List.

Use this Server Refresh Checklist and Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly IT servers and other rack-mounted equipment may be new today, but obsolete tomorrow. In fact, enterprise technology churn comes up quickly for a lot of data center managers. Waiting too long to replace or update servers can result in lost manufacturer support, putting your

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FCC Certification Compliance is Critical for the Data Center

When choosing a data center lift for your IT operations, it’s important to select one that meets both local and federal safety regulations and requirements. For example, all electronic devices manufactured or sold in the United States must be tested to comply with Federal Communication Commission (FCC) guidelines. FCC certification compliance indicates that the electromagnetic

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How to Install IBM Power Systems Servers in 4 Easy Steps

ServerLIFT data center lifts can be used to transport, position, install, and remove any of the IBM Power series of rack-mounted servers. In addition, the ServerLIFT-brand EB2Z IBM Lift Tool is an approved, specified solution for handling and installing IBM Power Systems equipment. Below, we’ve laid out precise instructions for installing an IBM Power Systems

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Focus On Server Manufacturer: Dell

Dell Inc. is an internationally recognized name and a global leader in personal computer (PC) sales. The company is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, and had a revenue of $23.48 billion in 2020, a year-to-year increase of 3 percent. This beat analyst expectations of $21.9 billion. Its areas of focus include PCs, infrastructure, software, and

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Focus On Server Manufacturer: Cisco

Cisco, an American multinational tech conglomerate, was founded in 1984. Married computer scientists Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner were at Stanford University at the time. They were working to connect two separate networks housed in different buildings. They used cabling, bridges, and then routers to put the two networks together. They realized they needed something

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A Top Five Data Center Safety Checklist for the Modern Era

Five Critical Data Center Safety Considerations

Objectively speaking, a data center can be a dangerous place. There are tightly-knit cables and wires, and thousands of live, high-voltage electrical components. And there are acts of nature that can seriously affect data center operations, such as solar flares, major fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and lightning strikes. Data centers are also increasing in size in

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Hvorfor våre kunder stoler på serverløft

Snakk med en spesialist for å finne den rette løfteløsningen for ditt datasenter.

Last ned vår GRATIS hvitbok, "Handlingsplan for datasenterkonsolidering"

En riktig utført handlingsplan for datasenterkonsolidering skisserer effektive og skalerbare teknologier som kan brukes til å øke produksjonen samtidig som driftskostnadene reduseres.


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Datasenterets migrasjonsveiledning

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Handlingsplan for handlingsplan for datasenterkonsolidering

Få den siste innsikten

Vi respekterer ditt privatliv og vil aldri selge, leie, lease eller gi bort informasjonen din til tredjepart, og vi vil heller ikke sende deg uoppfordret e-post.

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Datasenterets sikkerhetsveiledning

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Beste praksis for å flytte IT-avdelingen i datasenteret

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Beste praksis for håndtering av datasenterutstyr

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