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Focus On Server Manufacturer: Inspur

Inspur, founded in Shandong, China, is an international leader in information technology. They are ranked among the top three server vendors worldwide according to the IDC. They are also the #1 server manufacturer, enterprise software brand, and cloud computing vendor in China. This leading data center and cloud computing solutions provider emphasizes a focus on

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Why SL-350X Data Center Lifts Aren’t The Worst Choice For Your DC

There are plenty of machines people adopt for handling IT equipment in data centers. But most of those products were designed to do totally different types of work than what’s required for expensive servers in high-tech data centers. People who have been injured lifting a heavy server or have damaged that server know how easy

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Focus On Server Manufacturer: HPE

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) was founded in a one-car garage in July of 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The two became friends while attending Stanford University. Their origin story is referred to as “the original Silicon Valley startup” by the company in recognition of its roots—with many similar endeavors launching in

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Focus On Server Manufacturer: Fujitsu

Fujitsu Limited is based in Tokyo, Japan, and was founded in 1935. It is a global leader in IT equipment and services—ranked number 4 in the world based on total revenue, behind IBM, Accenture, and AWS (Amazon Web Services). Fujitsu focuses primarily on computing products and is a major server manufacturer.  Fujitsu reported $23.8 billion

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Time To Update Your Servers? A Helpful List.

Use this Server Refresh Checklist and Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly IT servers and other rack-mounted equipment may be new today, but obsolete tomorrow. In fact, enterprise technology churn comes up quickly for a lot of data center managers. Waiting too long to replace or update servers can result in lost manufacturer support, putting your

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FCC Certification Compliance is Critical for the Data Center

When choosing a data center lift for your IT operations, it’s important to select one that meets both local and federal safety regulations and requirements. For example, all electronic devices manufactured or sold in the United States must be tested to comply with Federal Communication Commission (FCC) guidelines. FCC certification compliance indicates that the electromagnetic

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How to Install IBM Power Systems Servers in 4 Easy Steps

ServerLIFT data center lifts can be used to transport, position, install, and remove any of the IBM Power series of rack-mounted servers. In addition, the ServerLIFT-brand EB2Z IBM Lift Tool is an approved, specified solution for handling and installing IBM Power Systems equipment. Below, we’ve laid out precise instructions for installing an IBM Power Systems

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