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Why us

Why We Love Our Client Experience Team (And Why You Will, Too)

Even if you’ve purchased other solutions to move IT equipment in your data center, you probably haven’t encountered the buying and support process ServerLIFT offers. We’ve taken a unique approach to ensure that our clients get the best solution for their needs and they have full access to support, maintenance, and service for their lifts. 

So if you’re in the comparison shopping stage and you’re wondering if our data center lifts are really what you need, take heart. Our Client Experience Team can help. 

Here’s what you can expect working with us.

We’re focused on your needs. 

When you’re considering a major purchase for your data center, the last thing you need is a high-pressure sales environment. You don’t need someone on a commission telling you why you need to buy their company’s product. 

You might end up with a solution that doesn’t quite meet your needs. 

At ServerLIFT, we take everything you hate about the sales experience and turn it upside-down. We don’t employ salespeople at all. Instead, we train our team to help you shop, educate you about your options, and go above and beyond to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible and culminates in the best solution for you. We even have a blog packed with informative content so you can stay on top of major trends in your industry. 

In short, our Client Experience Team will make every effort to help you choose the perfect solution for your data center needs, every single time, even if the solution is not one of our lifts!

On the other hand, we have designed our lifts for a wide variety of real-world data center use cases, so you are likely to find a perfect fit within our product lineup. 

At ServerLIFT, any one of our team members can pick up where the last person left off. That means you get help when you need it—now, not next Wednesday when Bob is back in the office. 

Not sure yet what you need? We can help with that, too. 

Maybe you’ve only got a general idea of what you’re looking for, or your common use cases vary. You don’t have to sort through all the options on your own. 

Our team is trained to ask a series of questions that help you—and by extension, us—arrive at the best solution for your use case. Think of it as a flowchart of pertinent questions that cut through the noise and guide you directly to the right answer. 

We offer full service over the lifetime of your equipment.

Have you ever made a major purchase and then been left out in the cold when something went wrong? 

At ServerLIFT, we strive to prevent this. It’s reasonable to expect your equipment to function optimally and reliably, and it’s our goal to make that your experience. 

Our data center lifts are durable and built to last, but we also understand that repetitive use in a demanding work environment can cause wear and tear. When something breaks, you’ll have several options: 

  • We’ll have a troubleshooting conversation to diagnose your issue. If necessary, we’ll send a technician to your site to perform the repairs.
  • We can train your staff to make the repairs and hopefully save you some time and money.
  • We do bring back lifts to inspect and repair if we think the job is beyond what our service technicians can do. This option is not available for simple issues such as battery failure but for more complex issues that only our technicians can properly diagnose and repair.

You’ll be satisfied, no matter what. That’s our goal.

We’re always working to improve. 

It’s not enough to simply manufacture and sell a great product. We also want to walk in your shoes and understand what life is like for data center operators just like you. We want to thoroughly understand your day-to-day struggles, successes, and needs so that we can continue bringing you the best product and customer service experiences possible. 

We love hearing from you!

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, reach out to us. 

You can start out by asking our online chat for help—sometimes that’s all you want or need. You can find the chat button on the bottom right corner of almost any page on our website. The chatbot notifies us instantly when you’re asking for help, so one of our team members can jump online within seconds. 

If you’d rather skip the chat, call us at 602-254-1557, or send in a request form with general questions. For specific concerns, see our departmental email addresses below. 

You won’t be routed through endless phone menus and automated email bots. Instead, you’ll easily get a real, live human being on the phone to help you out. In fact, any call you place to our office rings for everyone on our staff. This maximizes the chances that someone will be at their desk and ready to assist you. However, even if we’re in a meeting and you leave a message, be assured that someone from our team will return your call as soon as possible. 

We’re here to help, even if you ultimately make a purchase with a company other than ours. If you’re satisfied with your data center lift and your experience with us, we consider our jobs well done. 

There are a number of ways you can reach us.

Did you know that each department within our Client Experience Team has its own email address? For the fastest response time, contact the department you need directly. 

Quotes and Orders: [email protected] 
Service and Support: [email protected] 
Shipping/Order Fulfillment: [email protected]
Accounts Receivable: [email protected] 
Accounts Payable: [email protected]

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