Calculate Cost Savings with the ServerLIFT SL-1000X

Installing servers and related IT equipment is both dangerous and inefficient. Depending on number people used to install equipment, data center efficiency can improve from 100% up to 300%. In the case of two people, a single person can install equipment with a ServerLIFT unit in half the time, increasing efficiency 300% or more.

4X Efficiency Gain

Manual Lifting:
Unsafe and Outdated
ServerLIFT Method:
The New Standard

Cost Savings Analysis

Based on the number of employees and time required for a manual install, ServerLIFT can drastically save your data center money, while limiting costly downtime.

* Average annual savings based on two salaried employees ($70,000/year each) with an average time of 30 minutes to manually install rack-mounted equipment (75+ lbs.). The task can be done 50% faster with the help of a ServerLIFT SL-1000X.