Data Center Relocation / Migration Checklist

Preparing a Data Center Migration / Relocation Checklist

Gartner, Inc. recently identified that data growth is the biggest challenge for the IT industry, more and more organizations are being presented with the idea of migration or data center relocation. Some of the key reasons a company will plan for a data center relocation include potential cost savings, the need for more physical space and security/compliance issues. Regardless of the reasons, we can all agree that data center relocation is a high risk and an overwhelming task to tackle. Here is a quick migration checklist of important aspects that should be considered before the move:

Data Center Relocation / Migration Checklist

Costs and Warranties

Review warranty and insurance information
– – contact the manufacturers and movers to ensure all warranties and insurance are all up to date and in place

Develop budget, including new staff, servers, cooling, infrastructure, and wiring.


Migration and or Relocation

Prepare a date and time-line for the migration/relocation

Develop a complete inventory of all equipment to be moved
– – take note of equipment condition, size, weight, serial #’s, and etc. of all software and hardware

Inspect the new data center facility
– – power, cooling, security, protection, floor space, and technical support

Prepare server area and network connectivity
– – internet connectivity, layout, network cabling, power management, rack placement, VPNs, and DNS

Formulate a disaster recovery plan
– – have a plan and team in place that can troubleshoot a failure if needed

Perform and verify backups of all critical data before the data center migration project begins

Define and inform stakeholders
– – project managers, employees, customers, movers, new facility, existing and new service providers

Prepare and decommission servers
– – plan an orderly shutdown of servers, storage and networking devices. Label everything!

Moving and logistics–Invest in a powered lift to streamline your server deployment strategy and keep your staff safe. Check out the SL-500X Powered ServerLIFT

Transportation and moving preparation
– – select a moving company, safely pack equipment to prevent damage, arrange transportation

✔✔ Don’t stress out, once your data center relocation is complete things should run smoothly…


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