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Because we ship our safety-certified data center lifts across the globe, they’ve always been designed so they can be used in any data center anywhere in the world.

ServerLIFT® data center lifts come equipped with a power cord that plugs into standard wall outlets. The type of wall outlet and electrical requirements for the lift differs depending on your specific model. (See chart below.)
ServerLIFT® units can be plugged to any power source within the input range specified with your model’s charging system (check your Operator’s Manual). This includes charging it inside the data center.  Our products are rigorously tested for and comply with a number of safety standards, including CE, FCC, and UL. They can safely be used, and charged, inside any data center environment.





The primary function of the stabilizer brake is not to provide braking, but to impart device stability when moving equipment side to side on the sliding platform. The stabilizer brake also serves a second function: preventing movement of the data center lift when raising, lowering, or loading equipment. If it moves easily with the stabilizer brakes engaged, please check that both stabilizer brake rubber boots are installed and that the braking system locks when engaged. Otherwise, contact ServerLIFT® Service & Support.


ServerLIFT® devices have a feature where the maximum height of the platform and telescoping column is up to 1 ft lower than its factory-set maximum height. Please contact ServerLIFT® Service & Support to find out if your device has this feature and to learn how to use it.
Yes. If the floor is already accommodating loaded racks, it will also accommodate a ServerLIFT® unit with equipment loaded on it.
Yes, all ServerLIFT® model lifts can traverse ramps within your data center.  They are designed with ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) requirements in mind.  The SL-350X, SL-500X, and SL-500FX models can traverse grades up to a maximum of 6 degrees.  For the SL-1000X model, the maximum grade is 3.9 degrees.





Yes!  While every data center should be using ServerLIFT® equipment, we do understand that some sites have other legacy devices on hand that may need repair from time to time.  We do offer service for fixing other, non-ServerLIFT® equipment. While we cannot guarantee success or that the other manufacturer will have parts available, our network of technicians will do their best.  If your other brand equipment can’t be fixed, keep our popular Buyback Program in mind – we’ll give you credit for your old device – working or not – against the purchase of a new ServerLIFT® machine.
ServerLIFT® offers preventative maintenance through our optional service contract and extended warranty. However, the devices are designed to handle years of regular use with little or no maintenance. To extend the life of the onboard battery, it is important to keep the unit charging when not in use.
To maintain our client’s privacy and security, ServerLIFT® does not keep records of the key profile for each device. We recommend having duplicate keys made and keeping them in a secure area. If you have lost all keys, ServerLIFT® can provide a replacement lock and key set that can be installed by you or a ServerLIFT® technician.
Every ServerLIFT® data center lifting device is sold with a limited one-year warranty that covers the replacement, including shipping, of parts that have failed under normal use conditions. This does not include the labor or onsite service to swap out the old part(s) with the new one(s). ServerLIFT® does offer one, three, and five-year extended service and warranty contracts that include onsite labor when needed. These warranty extensions include a year-end or mid-term onsite preventative maintenance service. These extended warranties are also available (to extend the limited warranty coverage beyond the first year) without onsite labor at a lower rate. These warranty extensions include a year-end or mid-term service kit shipped to your location so you can perform the preventative maintenance service.




There shouldn’t be anything wrong with your ServerLIFT® device and it is safe to use. This sound is normal and expected. The brake winch gears turn against the clutch, which causes the clicking sound.

お問い合わせください [email protected]。回路基板と下限スイッチのテストをご案内します。

お問い合わせください [email protected]。上限スイッチ、TouchSTOPセンサー、回路基板のテストをご案内します。

潤滑は決して必要ではありません。 SL-350Xウインチギアは自己完結型です。



交換部品は、弊社または世界中の多数の販売パートナーから直接調達できます。連絡先 [email protected] 詳細については。


No. Every ServerLIFT® will arrive fully charged, assembled, and ready to use. Powered units that ship overseas may be shipped with the battery disconnected to conserve charge. In this case, open up the access door and connect the battery as described within the operator’s manual.





Yes. ServerLIFT® includes heavy duty ratchet straps with every machine. To allow for a variety of equipment sizes, the platform and frame have multiple points of attachment for the strap hooks.
はい、ご自身の運送業者を使用して発送することができます。ただし、誤った取り扱いや輸送の損傷の発生を懸念しているため、お客様のドック(または国際輸送の入国港)に商品を輸送することを強くお勧めします。 ServerLIFT® Corporation protects against shipping losses by handling every shipment of goods with our own experienced carriers and protects them with our own insurance policy. If you do choose to use your own carrier, ServerLIFT® holds no liability or responsibility for what happens to the equipment after it leaves our dock. In this case, we recommend that you utilize the services of a van line or moving company in lieu of a common carrier.
The tracking number we provide is an internal ServerLIFT® number. As we do not use traditional carriers, tracking details that would allow you to regularly check the status of a shipment are not available for our shipments. We also utilize our own network of carriers, so pointing to one for a specific shipment would not be meaningful. 配信は、受信側がディスパッチで要求する予約ウィンドウにも依存します。配達が行われると、配達日とそれに署名した受信者の名前を含む配達通知を送信します。





We strongly recommend against the use of common freight carriers (such as FedEx Freight, Yellow, Roadway, etc.). ServerLIFT® pallets are heavy and at risk for shipping abuse and mishandling. ServerLIFT® only uses carriers that specialize in moving services or that operate with a white glove service standard to ensure products arrive at their final location in good order.   If you insist on FOB Origin terms with your own carrier, please note that ServerLIFT® will not be liable for any damage created to the product after the shipment leaves our warehouse.


ServerLIFT® accepts most standard forms of payment including checks, credit cards, ACH, and wire transfers. Credit card payments must be charged at the time of shipment regardless of your account credit terms.
ServerLIFT® is pleased to offer our clients, even new ones, with standard net 30-day payment terms with account credit limits under $30,000. 標準の支払い条件を利用するために信用調査は必要ありません. 30日を超える支払い条件または$30,000を超える注文/アカウントのクレジット制限は、簡単な引受プロセスを通じて会社のクレジットを実行することにより、リクエストに応じて利用できる場合があります。 利用規約が適用される場合があります。詳細については、サービスおよびサポートチームにお問い合わせください。
いいえ、米国アリゾナ州内の場所に配送する直接(再販以外の)注文を除き、売上税と使用税の請求や徴収は行いません。 ServerLIFT® does not maintain any nexus outside of the state of Arizona, and as such does not collect sales and use taxes on behalf of the purchaser in any other jurisdiction. The purchaser is responsible for paying any and all applicable sales and use taxes.
We sell directly to the end-user, and we are also happy to work with any and all resellers. ServerLIFT® is committed to a great customer experience.


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