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Trends in Adapting to Cloud

Challenges and Reasons for Switching to Cloud

Is cloud computing the future of data centers?

By taking a closer look at the past trends in the adaptation to cloud, it starts to become clear as to whether or not cloud computing is the way to go.

The Trending Cloud

Statistically, the biggest jump to cloud adaptation happened from 2011 to 2012. In 2011 only 2% of companies were utilizing the benefits of cloud computing, while in 2012 that numbered climbed to 25%. From 2012 to 2013, the number of IT related companies using cloud computing reached 36%. The numbers show that companies are continuing to switch to the cloud for their data center operations. The increase may not be as big as in 2011 to 2012 but it shows that the trend is continuously moving towards new technology.

Unlike what many expect, big data center operators are the leader in the adoption of cloud. 40% of companies with over 5,000 servers have switched and 22% of companies with fewer than 1000 servers have adapted to the cloud environment. Enterprise adoption is also increasing. In 2012, enterprise adoption was only 10% while in 2013 it increased to 17%. About 44% of data centers are deploying private clouds as an alternative. This leaves 25% to still planning on deploying it, while 31% have no plan of switching to private cloud computing.

The Big Switch

There are many advantages to using this new technology. The top drivers to cloud computing are customer demand, reduced cost, scalability and speed of deployment. 43% of companies surveyed stated that they needed to change because of the needs or demands of the customer. 41% indicated reduced cost, 40% specified scalability and 36% indicated speed of deployment for being their reason for change. Clearly for many companies, these reasons are enough to switch to cloud. However, other companies are still not ready to change.

Challenges to Adoption

Why are so many companies reluctant to change?

The answer is relatively simple, companies are worried about the security of cloud, but a solution is a lot more difficult than simply knowing what the reason is. The reason being cloud security is not surprising since it is really not that secure. 45% of the companies stated that it is the main cause of their decision to not use cloud computing. 13% of the companies surveyed indicated a lack of skills as their main reason while only 7% indicated cost as their main challenge to adopting cloud as a solution for their data center. Addressing these challenges, particularly security, may ultimately lead to more companies adopting to cloud technology.


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