Focus on Colo DC Provider – Coresite

Located in the heart of downtown Denver are two CoreSite’s colocation data centers: DE1 and DE2. These data centers provide digital consumers with a platform to meet the increasing needs of today’s technology. DE1 is strategically located in the center of more than 85 key national and regional network fiber plants. DE2 provides access to the largest peering exchange in the region, the CoreSite Any2 Exchange® for Internet peering, secured by dark fiber to DE1.

Home to over 145 organizations that include cloud, network, and IT service providers, CoreSite’s Denver data centers are the Rocky Mountains’ go-to interconnection hubs for digital consumers.

At the corporate level, CoreSite began in 2001 as CRG West when they saw the need for interconnection and data centers that stretched from Los Angeles to San Jose. Through 2009, CRG West continued to expand across the country, broadening their offering of interconnection services. 

Their customer base grew with the launch of Any2Exchange® for internet peering, and it quickly became the second largest of its kind in the country. The company rebranded as CoreSite in 2009 and became a publicly traded company in 2010. Today, they offer 27 data centers across America, serving more than 1,300 customers with a total offering of more than 4.6 million feet of data center space.

Amenities and Services


  • Over 34,000 square feet of data center space
  • The capacity to support high-performance requirements
  • Can scale from partial cabinets to cages

Peering and Cloud Exchanges

Managed Professional Services

  • Provide a seamless platform through partnerships to build a holistic IT architecture

Cloud Services

  • Build an efficient, high-performance hybrid cloud architecture with native access to:

Rich Network

  • Create a low-latency network solution with access to 85-plus networks of your choice, including global carriers, metro networks, SDNs, and more.

Operational Excellence

  • 100% uptime SLA, supported by a tenured operations team and 24x7x365 security-qualified personnel. 
  • Deliver industry-leading customer satisfaction scores for several years running.

Recent Newsworthy Moments at Coresite

  • July 2022 – CoreSite executives appointed to key data center coalition roles
  • June 2022 – CoreSite expands into Atlanta and Orlando Data Center Markets
  • April 2022 – City of Hope National Medical Center selects CoreSite as its hybrid IT provider
  • March 2022 – CoreSite implements modern energy-efficient cooling system in its Boston data center
  • March 2022 – Global aerospace and defense company selects CoreSite to support its modern hybrid IT strategy
  • March 2022 – CoreSite enriches hybrid IT solutions with IBM Cloud direct link connect on the Open Cloud Exchange®
  • March 2022 – CoreSite secures data center construction approval in Silicon Valley
  • January 2022 – CoreSite announces new senior leadership team

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