CEO Ray Zuckerman Discusses Manufacturing at the White House

Last week Ray Zuckerman, CEO of ServerLIFT Corporation, had the distinguished privilege of being invited to the White House to discuss manufacturing at The American Economic Competitive Series on Manufacturing. The meeting was opened by Acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Dr. Rebecca Blank, with whom Mr. Zuckerman had the privilege to speak prior, and included notable speakers, Mark Doms, Chief of Economics, U.S. Department of Commerce and Ari Matusiak, Executive Director, White House Business Council.

“Dr. Blank [took] questions and discussion from the floor. I had the opportunity to discuss the impact of the suggestion of the Administration’s proposal for escalating taxes on payers with over $250,000 in income. This particularly affects small businesses that regularly invest income in the growth of their businesses….The director noted that this was a common concern among small businesses.” stated Mr. Zuckerman

The Administration’s discussed past, ongoing and future support for manufacturing covering areas of education, supply chain, regulation, and government relations. The emphasis of the administration was the commitment to manufacturing as the lynchpin to a strong economic recovery.

Mr. Zuckerman also noted that discussions held with speakers included both positive feedback and concerns. There was a common appreciation of the support from the EX-IM Bank to help expand overseas. On the other hand, there were concerns of obstacles to business growth by certain regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

In addition to being highlighted at the U.S. Export-Import Bank Conference, this was just one of several times ServerLIFT has been involved with the U.S. Government over the past year.



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