ServerLIFT Newsletter | June 2022

There is an old adage that says “measure twice, cut once.” The takeaway is that good planning will save you time and money. When you’re building a data center, properly planning your infrastructure will do the same. 

1. Overview of Modern Data Center Infrastructure

Infrastructure is critical to modern data center design, as you know. This article reveals the basic components and what we’ve learned working with data centers across the globe.

2. Modular Data Center Expansion Fueled by Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has accelerated in the last couple of years, in large part because of the COVID pandemic. Data centers are meeting the challenge with modular expansions.

3. A Means to Move Your Equipment is Part of Infrastructure Planning

A ServerLIFT safety-certified device will be an invaluable investment in protecting your hardware. Our most popular model is the SL-500X Electric Lift. Contact us to speak with a customer service specialist who can help you find the best server-handling solution to meet your needs.

At ServerLIFT, we value our customers. Each and every customer’s needs are addressed, no matter how urgent or how creative the solution needs to be. If you are already a ServerLIFT customer, thank you (and, if you haven’t left us a review yet, we’d appreciate it if you do)! 

If you are not yet a ServerLIFT customer, find out how we take care of our customers every day. We would love the opportunity to give you the same superior support and care!

4. A Customer Took Our Lift 🤯

A customer with a colocation facility called us recently looking to buy a new lift. Naturally, we asked if they were expanding or if their existing lift just wasn’t cutting it.

Turns out, the lift they used was owned by a tenant in the colocation facility. It was available for all other tenants in the facility to use. 

However, that tenant recently moved out and took their lift with them. Now our customer needs to get their hands on a lift to replace the one they so desperately relied on before.

As always, if you have any kind of lift in stock that you need serviced or you want to upgrade, call us at (602) 254-1557.


Stay safe,


Ray Zuckerman, CEO

ServerLIFT Corporation



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