ServerLIFT News | October 2022

It’s crisp and cool outside, if not snowy where you are. As we seek shelter and warmth from the cold, we often don’t consider that IT equipment also needs protective and reliable shelter (and cooling) all the time. Data centers and colocation facilities give you that and more. Add single-vendor maintenance for all your data center equipment, and you’ve got a winning recipe for peace of mind.

1. Benefits of Colocation Facilities

If you’ve outgrown your on-site data center or you need more capacity than your off-site data center can accommodate, a colocation data center may meet your needs best.

2. Four Data Center Predictions from Gartner You Shouldn’t Ignore

Data centers are currently wrestling with four issues: frequent fires; community protests over noise levels and resource usage; experienced staff exits; and stalled data center innovations. Have you been affected? Might you be? 

3. Our Dedication to Finding Solutions for Our Customers

One of our customers needed a data center handling device solution for installing small servers in a two-post rack. They didn’t have enough room for a ServerLIFT device, so our Client Services team located a portable shelf solution from another company that met their needs. Anything we can do to help. 

4. Are Servers Getting Even Bigger and Harder to Lift? 🏋️
The vast majority of servers weigh less than 500 lb (227 kg). Historically, our SL-1000X model unit, with a payload rating of 1,000 lbs (454 kg), was a product developed to fill a small niche in the industry—operations with rack-mounted IT equipment weighing more than 500 pounds.  We’ve always sold a decent number of them, but they have never been in as high demand as our other DC lifts. However, over the last couple of months, sales of these super-duty models have more than doubled! Are servers, switches, and PDUs getting even heavier? Based on what we are hearing from our clients, the answer is a resounding yes.

How would you like to contact one only place for all of your data center lifting equipment maintenance and repair? Well, now you can! ServerLIFT offers single-vendor repair and maintenance for all data center lifting equipment, as well as training and certification on equipment use. For more information, call us at (602) 254-1557.


Stay safe,

Ray Zuckerman, CEO

ServerLIFT Corporation



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