ServerLIFT CEO Invited Back to the White House

ServerLIFT CEO Discusses the Importance of Exporting with U.S. Export-Import Bank

Ray Zuckerman, CEO of ServerLIFT was invited back to the White House to discuss the importance of exports with U.S. Export-Import Bank (EX-IM). A select group of small business executives gathered in the Roosevelt Room of the West Wing, to exchange ideas for increasing international business and boosting the American economy.

The meeting was hosted by Fred Hochberg, the Chairman of the (EX-IM) and Jeff Zients, the acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget. There was a brief presentation of the Administration’s current views on budgets and international business expansion opportunities. An open discussion followed, allowing attendees to pose questions and suggestions for future expansion and government support.

CEO Joins a Discussion with U.S. Export-Import Bank

“The U.S. economy has been able to prosper in spite of a historically low export to import ratio. However, given the current economy, the benefit of exports is more important now than ever. It was conclusive that increasing exports can significantly influence economic growth” – Ray Zuckerman

The session was brought to a close with a brief summary by Chairman Hochberg and Ari Matusiak of the White House Business Council. Emphasizing the Administration’s commitment to supporting U.S. exporters, they invited an open line of communication between the White House and business owners to strengthen the cohesion between government and industry.

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