CEO Featured on U.S. Export-Import Panel

On April 4th ServerLIFT CEO Ray Zuckerman was featured as a speaker at the U.S. Export-Import Panel (EX-IM Bank) 2013 Annual Conference. Over 1,200 top leaders from government agencies, industry, financial solutions and think tanks came from 40 different countries to attend the two day event. Fred P. Hochberg, EX-IM Bank Chairman and President opened the conference with a welcoming speech emphasizing the EX-IM Bank’s accomplishments in successfully supporting the growth of exports and maintaining more than 255,000 U.S. jobs.

Mr. Zuckerman spoke as one of four expert panelists on “They Did it – So Can You: Tips from Successful Small-Business Exporters”. During this conference session participants shared their best practices, describing how they increased sales volume and profits by exporting. Audience members included members of government agencies including the Small Business Administration, exporters, small business leaders and media.

The session opened with moderator CBS Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis introducing the speakers. Following the introduction, each panelist had several minutes to individually share their advice before discussion of the topic commenced.

Mr. Zuckerman emphasized the two guiding principles which he has always lived and done business by, advising: “Maintain absolute integrity in running all aspects of business” and “only introduce a product when it is ready to be delivered”. Mr. Zuckerman illustrated these principles as he described how ServerLIFT utilized the EX-IM Bank’s assistance to further increase its sales volume and grow profits.

The mission of the Export -Import Bank of the United States is to strengthen the economy and sustain domestic job growth by supporting private exports. The Ex-IM Bank functions as the official credit agency of the United States, providing loans, guarantees and other support to exporting companies. ServerLIFT has worked closely with the EX-IM Bank since June 2011, when it was named the 1000th small firm to partner with the agency. We were proudly featured as a spotlight company at the 2012 Annual Conference and are honored to represent a success story of the Bank’s Global Access for Small Business Initiative.

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