U.S. Export-Import Bank Chairman Visits ServerLIFT

Last Friday ServerLIFT Corporation was pleased to receive a visit from Fred. P Hochberg, Chairman of the US Export-Import Bank of the United States. The impromptu visit was scheduled after ServerLIFT CEO had the opportunity to chat with Chairman Hochberg at the EX-IM Bank’s Small Business Global Access Forum at ASU Skysong where Chairman Hochberg was the key speaker. Senior Vice President of Congressional Affairs Scott P. Schloegel approached Mr. Zuckerman and expressed the interest of Chairman Hochberg in visiting ServerLIFT’s facilities.

The visit began with Mr. Zuckerman and Chairman Hochberg touring ServerLIFT’s manufacturing facilities. After the operations tour Chairman Hochberg and Mr. Zuckerman convened with Vice President Schloegel and Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Sinema Dee L. Winterhoff at the company’s executive offices for a brief presentation by ServerLIFT’s Management Team. The Management Team consisting of Jake Iskhahov, Director of Sales and Marketing, Brandon Budd, Director of Operations and David Zuckerman, Vice President of Product Development discussed their areas of expertise and the company’s growth over the last several years. Chairman Hochberg expressed his thanks to the Management Team stating, “It is notable that ServerLIFT not only creates excellent products, but also has managed to produce those products in a means that benefits the local and domestic economy.”

The Small Business Global Access Forum is part of Global Access for Small Business, an EX-IM Bank Initiative committed to supporting small business exports to generate and maintain job growth in the United States. This year’s Small Business Access Forum was opened by the Honorable Krysten Sinema of the U.S. House of Representatives with Chairman Hochberg featured as the main speaker. Both Congresswoman Sinema and Chairman Hochberg recognized ServerLIFT’s contributions to domestic job growth and the local economy.

The Export-Import Bank of the United States functions as the official export credit agency of the federal government with the mission of increasing exports to improve domestic job creation. The EX-IM Bank assists private exporters in realizing international sales opportunities by providing them with loans, guarantees and other forms of support. ServerLIFT has worked closely with the agency since June 2011 when it was named the 1000th small business to partner with the Bank. We are a proud, featured success story of the EX-IM Bank’s Global Access for Small Business initiative and pleased to have been honored as a spotlight company at the EX-IM Bank’s 2012 Annual Conference.

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