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Improving Data Center Efficiency with Advanced Server Equipment

Data center efficiency is a never-ending pursuit for DCMs where they must balance efficiency, availability, and flexibility to effectively manage the many data centers parts as well as the whole. These parts include a compilation of servers, storage, network systems, mechanical/electrical systems, applications and tools, governance procedures and staff. While DCIM and other monitoring tools are key to managing the physical space of the data center, advance server equipment such as technologically and mechanically advanced server lifts are also foundational to that efficiency.

One of the most common tasks in any data center facility is the physical handling of servers and other rack-mounted equipment. As equipment weight reaches dangerous levels, server manufacturers are making it clear that this hardware requires a minimum of 2 people to install 2U servers, and up to 4 people to handle heavy equipment. Most of these companies recommend using a mechanical lift to handle equipment in their operations manuals.

While blade servers, condense packed servers, and UPS systems increase computing power they also increase physical demands that impact data center efficiency. For data centers without advanced server equipment solutions like server lifts, the lack of standard lifting procedures for equipment handling in a datacenter puts both the server equipment and the data center efficiency in jeopardy.

While advanced server equipment such as modern server lifts can increase data center efficiency, not all solutions are created equally. As a consequence, DCMs must utilize all of the data derived from their DCIM solutions as well as facility history to determine the best server lift solutions to meet their needs. While the right choice can mean greater efficiency, the wrong choice can actually lower efficiency, costs and safety in ways that jeopardize the data center.

To learn how advanced server equipment can improve data center efficiency, contact us online or call +1 602-254-1557 to speak with a ServerLIFT specialist.

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