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SmartTILT™ Platform Allows for Micro-Leveling of Server Equipment Installs

Data center server and IT equipment handling solution manufacturer, ServerLIFT Corporation, announces its newest innovation for advanced positioning of equipment in the data center. Increasing variations in floors, racks, and server positions dependent on weight have created new challenges for the ServerLIFT user community. The SmartTILT Platform provides user-controlled micro-adjustment of the ServerLIFT equipment platform up or down to perfectly level any server with rack posts or attachment hardware.  

This is the second SmartTILT Platform offering by ServerLIFT. Due to high demand, a side-loading platform version of the SmartTILT technology is now available as a standard feature of the SL-350X® Hand-Cranked Lift, and on the company’s flagship model and the best-selling data center lift of all time—the SL-500X® Electric Lift.

SmartTILT Platform Provides Fine-Tuning for Server Adjustments

The new SmartTILT Platform allows the operator to change the angle of the platform by turning an adjustment screw. The adjustment screw is conveniently located under the platform away from the server equipment. Using an included removable ratchet, the platform and server angle can be changed up to .5 degrees down and 1.5 degrees (or more) up.

ServerLIFT’s Vice President of Operations, Brandon Budd, explains the advantages of a micro-leveling adjustment system available directly on the platform itself:

“We think that this is a real game-changer for the industry. With our products, data center professionals now have the freedom and ability to position their equipment exactly where they need it in all three dimensions . . . the machines themselves can lift servers up as high as needed, our Rail Lift attachment allows them to angle servers towards the rack for drop-in rail installs, and now the SmartTILT feature means that they can have their servers angled perfectly parallel to the racks. This kind of product versatility and focus on solving the precise challenges data center professionals face every day is not something you can find anywhere else in our industry.”

Put the SmartTILT Platform to Work Today

The newest SmartTILT Platform is currently available as an exclusive feature with the SL-350X Hand-Cranked Lift and the best-selling SL-500X Electric Lift. Call ServerLIFT at (602) 254-1557 to request a demo or contact our solutions team today.

(Original press release can be found on PRWeb.)


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