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ServerLIFT Newsletter | August 2020

With the first half (even though it seems like a full year!) of 2020 behind us, it promises to be a big year indeed for the data center industry. And safe growth is sustainable growth, which is why we’re happy to highlight some of our partners doing great things in the name of data center safety below.


With the help of Flexential Regional VP of Sales Bill Cory, our latest blog post dives into the benefits of placing a data center lifting device in colocation facilities.


  • Our first Data Center Safety Star!

Periodically, ServerLIFT will be recognizing the extraordinary efforts of  individuals in our user community by highlighting them as “Safety Stars”. These are industry leaders dedicated to improving safety standards in their workplace.

Today we are proud to introduce you to our very first Data Center Safety Star: Backblaze’s Yev Pusin and his team! Yev helps to oversee work in multiple data centers, and says much of the heavy lifting is done with the help of “Guido,” the affectionate moniker some of Yev’s colleagues gave to a 10-year-old ServerLIFT data center lift they consider an essential member of their team. It’s been a key part of operations for a decade!

The team regularly moves fully populated 60-drive PODS—a single storage pod weighs over 150 pounds (68 kg). Pusin says Guido turns an otherwise 2- or 4-person job into a safe task for a single engineer, and the sling and hook feature for unboxing servers included with their PL-500X Platform Extension saves their backs all the time. The team follows OSHA standards and always seeks out new options for safety enhancements in the workplace. That is why we are making this group our inaugural Safety Star honorees.

Newsletter August 2020

If you would like to help elect our next Safety Star, please email your nomination to our support team.


Finally, we’ve got a new video for you on the specific benefits provided by our rental program. Short-term work goals can be met with this highly cost-effective option. 


An injury or an accident stops operations in its tracks—not to mention the costs involved. Click here to read more about our work to create a culture of safety in every data center. We hope the resources above can be of service to you, and your valuable teams.

Stay safe,

Ray Zuckerman, CEO
ServerLIFT Corporation
[email protected]

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