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This Week in Tech: Data Center Management and IT News

Whether you’re still digesting holiday feasts or making hasty revisions to New Year’s resolutions, you might be taking some time to reflect on the past year, as well as what 2014 holds in store. Despite the holiday week, there are a lot of emerging data center management and IT stories that have implications for the year ahead.

Data Center Security to be Investment Driver in 2014

Protecting facilities inside and out is a key aspect of data center management strategies this year, and 2014 will be no different. In fact, concern about mission-critical elements stored in data centers will lead to increased investment in next-generation security measures, according to the Economic Times. Network access control, authentication systems and internal firewalls will be among the chief network protection investments, while intrusion prevention systems and secure Wi-Fi will be among the safeguards deployed on a physical and organization-wide level. The Internet of Things will drive security needs for any data-collecting machine, including ATMs, medical equipment and point-of-sale terminals.

Broadband: To Infinity and Beyond

Broadband Internet may see increased expansion in space, thanks to recently unveiled laser technology. According to the Business Standard, NASA researchers recently announced the successful conclusion of the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration, a 30-day project that tested the feasibility of broadband network expansion to galactic dimensions. The LLCD was placed aboard the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer for a lunar orbit, during which it communicated at a distance of nearly 250,000 miles. It passed the test with flying colors, showcasing 622 megabits per second download speeds and 20 Mbps upload speeds, both records at that distance. It also demonstrated the capacity to pass laser connections between stations, similar to cellphone towers’ capability to send signals from one to another. The technology is expected to be implemented soon for faster networks.

Broadband More Important Than Trains?

Data center management strategists should take note of the drastic shift toward demand for faster, higher-performing technology. A recent survey by the Institution of Engineering and Technology found that more of its British respondents would rather have ultra-fast broadband Internet than high-speed trains, according to ITProPortal. The survey found that 43 percent wanted expansion of broadband infrastructure in the U.K., making it more of a priority than augmenting airport capacity or speeding up trains.

“The public have told us that supporting the e-economy by rolling out universal superfast broadband will have more economic benefits for the UK than more traditional infrastructure projects like increasing airport capacity or high speed rail,” stated Will Stewart, chairman of the IET Communication Policy Panel.

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