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Focus‌ ‌On‌ ‌Server‌ ‌Manufacturer:‌ ‌NVIDIA‌ ‌

Based in Santa Clara, California, NVIDIA was founded in 1993. Its three co-founders brought together design and engineering expertise to build a company known around the world for its Focus On Server Manufacturer: NVIDIAaccelerated and graphics-based computing solutions. Its name is based on the acronym “NV” or “next version,” and the Latin word for envy, “invidia.”  These days it’s easy to envy this multinational server manufacturer’s successes. 

The company’s first strategic partnership—following an influx of $20 million in venture capital funding—was with SGS-Thomson Microelectronics in 1994, to manufacture a single-chip graphical-user-interface accelerator. Now, nearly 30 years later, NVIDIA manufactures some of the world’s fastest supercomputers. It also builds Tegra mobile processors, which are used in many of today’s smartphones and tablets, systems for vehicle navigation and gaming, and other leading applications for deep learning, machine learning, AI, and high-performance computing.

What’s next for NVIDIA? The company is helping to actively battle the global pandemic, assisting in the sequencing and imaging of the virus, building AI robots for medical disinfection, and lending their processing power to the hunt for a vaccine. It is also going all-in on its invention of graphics processing units (GPUs) and their role in everything from robots to autonomous cars. 

NVIDIA DGX Systems and ServerLIFT

NVIDIA debuted the DGX-1 supercomputer in 2016, positioning it as a leading solution for enterprise AI infrastructure at scale. The server manufacturer has since also released the DGX-2 and NVIDIA DGX A100. All have proven extremely popular. These AI platforms are full-stack, scalable, and can be integrated with optional storage and networking applications. They are positioned as the lowest total cost of ownership option for innovation-hungry developers eager to exploit artificial intelligence and its capabilities.

NVIDIA DGX-1™: Features 8 NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs, NVLink technology, and 1 petaFLOPs of AI performance.

NVIDIA DGX-2™: Features 16 NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs connected by NVLink and NVSwitch, and 2 petaFLOPS of AI performance.

NVIDIA DGX™ A100: Features 8 NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, and a 5-petaFLOPS AI system.

Focus On Server Manufacturer: NVIDIAServerLIFT data center lifts are designed to safely and efficiently handle all rack-mounted equipment including the NVIDIA DGX Server series. The SL-500X Electric Lift and the WS-1X™ (or WS-2X™) Wide Shelf attachment combination was specifically designed to be compliant for unboxing and installing (or removing) NVIDIA equipment by our team. The WS-1X supports up to 500 lbs (227 kg) at the center and 300 lbs (136 kg) at the extended side edge. It is compatible with all three NVIDIA DGX servers and is currently available as an attachment for the ServerLIFT SL-500X, SL-1000X, and SL-350X data center lifts. ServerLIFT is the only server-handling solution that meets NVIDIA’s DGX unpacking and installation specifications.Check out our Server Database to learn more about NVIDIA servers compatible with our ServerLIFT data center lifts and their specs.

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