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Enterprise Servers May Save Blackberry

How important is an enterprise server to the company it serves? Well, that seems to be a very important question for BlackBerry at the moment. If we take the word of BlackBerry’s CEO, the salvation of the company lies within the enterprise server and not on its phones. According to BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, the future of BlackBerry will be dependent on the success of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

So, what will be the contribution of BES to BlackBerry’s resurrection and profitability?
According to Chen, the new BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is still the preferred choice of IT professionals. BES servers are the interfaces for 60% of company phones across the globe. This is about 15 million devices globally which makes it really powerful and an important tool for the company. Consider the company’s 2013 fourth quarter earnings report. The company reported that it has 80,000 BES servers around the globe. Each server manages around 2,000 devices.

On the downside, according to BlackBerry, the adoption rate for its new BES is only 40%. Nevertheless, many companies may just be waiting for the BES 10.2 in order to avoid having a separate server for the BlackBerry 7 devices. The BES 10.2 has just been recently released, so it is too early to make any forecast at this moment. In any case it just might be the one that can really save the company.

Chen also announced that the new enterprise server supports even Windows Phone platform. Currently it supports iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. The company however has yet to announce the launching date for the Windows Phone. The BES is a multi platform device management service. Using the BES, administrators and IT mangers can make the personal devices of their employees use the company’s email system. It also supports BYOD policy since it is capable of deleting the data in the phone in case it gets lost or stolen. The company can also deactivate the camera of the employees’ phones during business hours or while in the office. This is an additional feature of the BES which is also capable of encryption and unified communication. It is even capable of home and work space separation. From the looks of it, the BES can really save the company and it may even be the future of BlackBerry.

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