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How DCM’s Can Improve Productivity by 200% or More

In order to vastly improve the productivity of data centers, DCMs are using application-based solutions as well as physical tools. On the application side, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems provide a unified, real-time picture of data center operations, enabling IT teams to match resources with demand. With hardware changes and servers a regular occurrence that can eat away at productivity, server lifts and server handling standards are crucial to enabling increased productivity.

Today’s data centers are IT environments made up virtual machines, storage-area networks and cloud-based applications. While these approaches can streamline compute and monitoring operations, they still require a system that can enable overall management of all virtual and physical assets. That means having a technology that enables going beyond compute system management to include environmental and power consideration needs. DCIM systems are often integrated with management tools, allowing administrators to monitor dynamic IT environments at the infrastructure level to give them visibility into power utilization and cooling needs.

In addition, a DCIM solution allows tracking of the various steps in relocations so that different groups are able to report status of their individual tasks in order to verify that all required steps have been completed. In this case, workflow functionality will coordinate the server installation steps so that all preparatory work has been completed before the technician installs the server in the rack, thereby streamlining the entire process.

It’s still the case that many data centers lack a set of standards for handling servers and other rack-mounted equipment. To ensure safety as well as improve data center productivity, DCMs are implementing standardized methods and practices for handling IT equipment in a data center environment. This has made advanced server equipment solutions like modern server lifts an integral part of that goal.

The ability to coordinate the operational, environmental, and physical aspects of data center management via these two tools has formed the basis for increasing productivity by triple digits. As always, it is the staff of the data center that holds the key to maximizing their use in pursuit of that goal.

To learn how advanced server equipment and solutions like server lifts and DCIM can improve data center productivity, contact us online or call +1 602-254-1557 to speak with a ServerLIFT specialist. 

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