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5 Factors for Choosing the Right Data Center Server Lift

Employees in data centers of any size require mechanical assistance when moving heavy items. According to Occupational Health and Safety Magazine, lifting any load greater than 51 pounds (23 kg) by hand, can easily turn into an “unsafe lift.” “If the load to be lifted does not meet [exact] criteria, then it is an unsafe […]

Data Center Lifts vs. Warehouse Lifts: 3 Main Criteria

Servers can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The data they contain may be worth millions. Some of this IT equipment weighs three-quarters of a ton. You want to make sure that you have a data center lift designed to protect those assets while performing the three essential functions for your IT […]

Moving Servers: 3 Essential Functions of a Data Center Lift

You’ve heard of the “rule of three’s.” In Latin, “omne trium perfectum,” roughly translated, means “everything that comes in threes is perfect.” We agree. At ServerLIFT, we think constantly about moving servers in data centers. OK, so we’re a bit obsessive. But what are the fundamental functions required to move heavy data center hardware? What we […]

Conducting Server Moves with Fully Loaded Racks/Cabinets

Recently, I came across a forum question asking for a good way to move a fully populated server rack or cabinet. In short it would seem a great idea, given the weight and difficulty of moving large, individual servers. Many IT people tell me their technicians carry out a server move by taking out most […]