Gartner Data Center Conference 2010 Coverage (Days 2-4)

As mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to compile the most interesting and valuable info from the keynote presentations (in the form of tweets, following the #GartnerDC hashtag conversation). A lot of the topics revolve around cloud computing, virtualization, and upcoming server hardware trends.

Highlights from Days 2-4

@nlyte: 65 percent used or plan to use outside help with DC consolidation #GartnerDC

@nlyte: 57 percent stated internal politics was the most difficult aspect of DC consolidation #GartnerDC

@ciscoDC: Gartner: 75% of server workloads virtualized by 2014 vs 25% today; 50% of all new workloads are virtualized #GartnerDC

@BarbaraRuane #APC perspective from #Gartner show – Power and cooling top of mind with decision makers #GartnerDC

@az990tony #GartnerDC [blog] Day 2 – Choosing the Right Storage for your Server Virtualization environment

@jayfry3 When choosing a #cloud provider, what matters most to you? @cloudpundit‘s #gartnerdc audience says “best-in-class security.”

@TonyKnowsPower: #GartnerDC Step away from the hardware – think in terms of Service Availabilty not server, storage & network uptime.

@SachaAtMsft MacDonald: Cloud computing is forcing us all to understand where information exists at any point during its lifetime. #GartnerDC

@shorinsean 39 % of conference attendees prohibit access to social media at work. #gartnerDC

@nlyte In 2011 which big 5 provider will you purchase tech from that you are not today? 33%Cisco 9%Dell 18%HP 17%IBM 8%Oracle 15%none #GartnerDC

@nlyte Understanding Data Center Transformation and the “Big Five” Providers: Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM and Oracle #GartnerDC


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