ServerLIFT Demo Request

  • ServerLIFT Sales Inquiries

Get a personal demonstration of our products:

  1. Visit our data room lab, in Phoenix, for a live demo of our equipment. (and our competitions’ equipment) Compare the ServerLIFT brand lifting solutions to our competitors.  We have every commonly used system to do a side-by-side comparison, in real data center environment.
  2. Schedule a webinar for you and your team for a remote demonstration of our products.
  3. Meet us at one of the tradeshows we will be exhibiting at to see our products in action.
  4. Meet with us at one of our client data centers to see how they have improved their workflow, while ensuring a safer workplace for their teams.

Industry Leading Data Centers Love ServerLIFT

“ServerLIFT was of great benefit during the racking of our blade centers. One person was able to unbox and safely place the 300 pound device into a rack on the rails. The benefit of not having to remove the blades and power supply components from the chassis to make it lighter saved time and potential damage.”

godaddy_logo_(op) Ken Ward – Sr. Datacenter Engineer

“We have a ServerLIFT and it’s awesome. It can lift 500 lbs without issue. Even the largest Cisco devices can be installed using it. Our facilities group uses it as to pull motors from CRAC Units. It’s well worth the investment.”

kelloggs_logo_(op) Dan Balitewicz – Sr. Manager, Infrastructure Operations

“We love our ServerLIFT here at NCCMedia. Most thought I was getting lazy for ordering it. Those ideas changed after we put it into use. I had one employee de-rack a full HP blade chassis by himself. That’s over 400 pounds! Wonderful product and we show it off to visiting vendors who sell us rack-mounted equipment.

NCC-logo David Smith – Director of Network Services

“ServerLift is a great product that is easy to use, and promotes safety within the data center. It is especially useful to us in our new data centers, where we have standardized on 9ft. racks. I was most pleased with how easily it allowed us to move and re-rack our large AS/400 systems during a limited outage window.”

amway logo Brad Gibbs – Lead Data Center Support