SL-500X® Lif Elektrik

The Best All-Around Solution for Everyday Server Handling

Streamline hardware management with the ServerLIFT SL-500X Electric Lift, the industry standard solution for frequent server moves, fast installations, and handling any rack-mounted data center equipment. The SL-500X data center lift is purpose-built for IT environments, eliminating the risk of equipment damage and injury for virtually any server-handling task or situation. That is why it is the all-time, best-selling data center lift and the prevailing choice for critical projects across the globe.


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Safe, Quick, and Seamless

With its powerful electric motor, the ServerLIFT SL-500X device can move, lift and install stacks of thin servers, fully populated blade chassis, switches, power supplies, or storage arrays. It makes the transportation, positioning, and installation or removal of any rack-mounted equipment a breeze.

Footprint (WxLxH): 24 x 44 x 69 inches
Berat (unloaded): 455lb (206 kg)

Shipping Dims (WxLxH): 26 x 45 x 78 inches
Shipping Weight: 557lb (253 kg) 

Enhanced Data Center Operations

Information technology environments are constantly evolving, prompting server hardware to be refreshed regularly. New advances in technology have not eliminated logistical issues for those tasked with moving and lifting server hardware. This causes extreme stress on the lower back, risking injury to the operator or accidents and damaged hardware. The ServerLIFT SL-500X tool promotes a different, more effective kind of data center management by eliminating stress, pain, and giving employees the confidence they need to quickly and easily handle otherwise difficult tasks.

Keselamatan Adalah Keutamaan Utama Kami

Lift pengendalian pelayan ServerLIFT dirancang untuk menjadi keputusan paling selamat dan paling bijak profesional pusat data. Kami adalah satu-satunya lif pusat data yang diperakui untuk memenuhi standard keselamatan global, dengan rekod tanpa kemalangan 100% yang dilaporkan oleh pelanggan kami.

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"Pengendalian bahan manual adalah sumber utama kecederaan yang dapat diimbangi di tenaga kerja Amerika, dan empat dari lima kecederaan ini akan mempengaruhi bahagian bawah punggung."
– Occupational Safety and Health Administration

"Lebih daripada 36% kecederaan yang melibatkan hari kerja yang terlewat adalah akibat kecederaan bahu dan belakang ... mengangkat beban lebih dari 50 paun akan meningkatkan risiko kecederaan."
– US Bureau of Labor

No More Manual Lifting

IT equipment manufacturers typically specify using two to four people for handling and installation. Even with four people, manually lifting equipment unnecessarily increases the risk of accident. Manual lifting also delays other critical data center tasks from being performed.

bad lifting technique
SL-500X Server Install sliding into a rack

Save Time and Money with ServerLIFT

Installing servers and related IT equipment by hand is both dangerous and inefficient. Depending on the number of people used to install equipment, data center efficiency can improve by up to 300% when using ServerLIFT devices instead.

Two salaried employees installing a new piece of rack-mounted equipment weighing 75 pounds*, by hand, provides a perfect example. This task requires 30+ minutes of high-tension work per employee, risking muscle strain, pinched fingers, and other injuries. Conversely, a single tech using a ServerLIFT data center lift can make the move in 15 minutes with no risk involved.

* mounted to the rack—no cabling or connections

Jaminan ServerLIFT

The SL-500X Electric Lift is backed by a worry-free, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


Heavy Duty / Micro-Leveling Platform

The platform stays rigid and level, even when lifting up to 500 lbs (227 kgs.) This, along with the user-controlled micro-leveling SmartTILT™ shelf adjustment feature, provides the critical post-to-post alignment needed to precisely rack-mount any server, making installation a breeze.

Side-Loading Capability

The side-shifting platform orients equipment for loading parallel to racks on either side of an aisle. With 6 inches (15.24 cm) of lateral movement in either direction, the platform provides the support you need while securing the equipment to the rack.


GT-1000X Glide Table pembongkaran pelayan percuma

Meja Luncuran Dwi-Arah GT-1000X ™ membantu anda memuatkan dan memunggah pelayan yang berat dengan satu tangan untuk bergerak pelayan tanpa tekanan ... setiap masa.
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memasang pelayan ke rel drop-in

The RS-500X™ Rail Lift helps you quickly and accurately lower equipment into slotted rails.
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The LE-500X™ Lift Extension assists with lifting heavy IT equipment off of pallets and out of boxes.
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ServerLIFT Service and Extended Warranty agreements are available in one-, three- and five-year terms on the SL-500X. Warranty extensions include a year-end or end-of-term on-site preventative maintenance service.
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install safely to top of rack

The RL-500™ Platform Riser enables you to reach to the top of any rack without hitting overhead obstructions.
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aksesori peluasan pelantar platform pelayan

The PL-500X® Platform Extension brings the reach of any ServerLIFT machine down to the floor.
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WS-1X wide shelf attachment

The WS-1X™ Wide Shelf is a 17" (43.2 cm) wide plate attachment that provides additional shelf surface area to fully support servers across their entire width.
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Bercakap dengan pakar untuk mencari penyelesaian mengangkat yang tepat untuk pusat data anda.

Muat turun kertas putih PERCUMA kami, "Amalan Terbaik untuk Pengendalian Peralatan Pusat Data"

Menggunakan peralatan yang salah dan mengabaikan standard keselamatan di pusat data anda boleh menyebabkan kos yang tidak dapat dihitung. Buku panduan percuma kami memperincikan cara mengelakkan kecederaan dan melaksanakan peralatan yang betul untuk projek yang betul.

Amalan Terbaik untuk Pengendalian Peralatan Pusat Data

masukkan maklumat di bawah untuk memuat turun kertas putih

Amalan Terbaik untuk Pengendalian Peralatan Pusat Data

Dapatkan Dapatan Terkini

Kami menghormati privasi anda dan tidak akan pernah menjual, menyewa, menyewakan atau memberikan maklumat anda kepada pihak ketiga, dan kami juga tidak akan menghantar e-mel yang tidak diminta kepada anda.

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Panduan Migrasi Pusat Data

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Buku Panduan Keselamatan Pusat Data

masukkan maklumat di bawah untuk memuat turun kertas putih

Amalan Terbaik untuk Memindahkan Jabatan IT di Pusat Data

masukkan maklumat di bawah untuk memuat turun kertas putih

kertas kerja pelan tindakan penyatuan pusat data

masukkan maklumat di bawah untuk memuat turun kertas putih

Membeli Perangkat Pengangkat Pusat Data