تحسين توظيف العملاء والاحتفاظ بهم في مرافق Co-Lo

الاستفادة من جهاز رفع ServerLIFT هي الخطوة الأذكى حتى الآن.


وسائل الراحة يجب أن يكون لديك مملوك

إن منح عملائك جهاز رفع ServerLIFT هو أذكى خطواتك حتى الآن.


شراء جهاز رفع مركز البيانات

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يمكن لـ ServerLIFT تحسين توظيف العملاء والاحتفاظ بهم في مرافق Co-Lo

Competition on cost defines the colocation facility space.

Your customers select you based, in part, on the potential to minimize the capital expenditures associated with building their own data center. However, in addition to saving on the cost of cooling, power, and bandwidth, they are also interested in physical safety and adherence to global standards.

Providing the right resources for the move shows them that you are serious about both safety و their bottom line.

The worldwide data center colocation market is expected to reach a value of $58.28 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 10.85% over the forecast period (2020 – 2025). Data center managers increasingly need to explore means to add value to their facilities to attract and retain clients.

Whether you are renting out space or offering fully managed services in your colocation facility, you need the best sales tools on hand. ServerLIFT assisted lifting equipment for rack-mounted servers can improve both customer recruitment and retention as competition increases.

The Right Data Center Lift For Your Colocation Facility

How can facility owners and managers make sure their co-lo stands out? 

The benefits of placing a data center lift in your colocation facility are clear. These purpose-built devices give you clear competitive advantages.

Image of three ServerLIFT devices.يمكن لرفع مركز بيانات ServerLIFT التعامل مع ما يصل إلى 1،000 جنيه (454 kg) of weight, depending on the model. It is custom-designed for moving colocation equipment in data centers. Keeping one (or more) in each of your colocation facilities sends a message:

  • إن السلامة الجسدية للعميل وسلامة معداته مهمة لك ولفريقك.
  • مرافقك تلتزم بها المعايير العالمية.
  • أنت تولي اهتماما للابتكار والتكنولوجيا الحديثة.
  • وسائل الراحة الخاصة بك تتجاوز المستوى الأساسي الذي يقدمه المنافسون.
  • تجعلك القيمة المضافة لمنشأتك خيارًا مقنعًا.

Think of a data center lift as physical proof that your staff places importance on the safety of every client walking through your doors, along with a clear sign of respect for their bottom line.

These devices also make it possible for your staff to complete work on the job in an expedient manner and without risk of injury.

In so many colocation facilities, larger moves and new customers create the need for rental equipment and extra staff/overtime. Keeping a data center lift on location means each transition takes minutes instead of hours or days, and requires a single operator instead of two or three. Utilizing lifting technology onsite does far more than protect arms, shoulders, and backs. It saves time and money, too.

Explore your data center lift options below to determine which is the optimal solution for your facility:

تُظهر منتجاتنا المصممة لهذا الغرض تفانيك في الجودة والتكنولوجيا الحديثة.

يطلب عملاؤنا ServerLIFT للتنقل المصمم بخبرة للممرات الضيقة والزوايا الضيقة والعوائق الأرضية والسقفية الموجودة في بيئات مراكز البيانات في جميع أنحاء العالم. 

Technician transporting a server with a ServerLIFT device.يمكّن جهاز رفع ServerLIFT عامل واحد من نقل الخوادم وغيرها من المستلزمات والمحولات الباهظة الثمن ووضعها وتثبيتها دون المخاطرة بإجهاد العضلات أو تعريض الآخرين للخطر. 

Safety first. There is no substitution for a data center lift. It prevents risky manual handling of heavy equipment—and the injuries that result. It also helps workers avoid injuries from the rack-loaded equipment in every data center, which often have:

  • حواف حادة
  • آليات قفل محاذاة بشكل سيئ
  • مكونات سهلة الانحناء وحساسة وتتلف بسهولة

Further, when removing, transporting, and installing equipment, workers must navigate the colocation environment, which includes:

  • ممرات ضيقة
  • Power, cooling, and network cabling throughout the DC
  • Racks with high and low positions—down to the floor and as high as 42U – 60U (6.1- 8.75 ft, 1.8669 – 2.67m)
  • ارضية مرتفعة ومثقبة
  • مستويات ضوضاء ثابتة قادرة على ضعف السمع
  • الأسلاك الكهربائية والجهد العاليTechnician transporting larger server inside a data center.

In spite of all these dangers, our customers report that their data centers are 100% accident-free after their purchase and use of a ServerLIFT data center lift. They are able to move equipment around safely and efficiently. 

يمكن لمديري مرافق Co-lo قراءة المزيد حول منتجات ومرفقات ServerLIFT بالنقر هنا.

Complimentary Signage For Your Colocation Facility

Warning labels which read “Danger: Energized Equipment” or “High Voltage” are helpful, but fail to address safety when moving equipment around the facility. Managers focused on providing data center safety guidelines know they need to provide additional information so that work can be done safely, without management supervision. 

An important note: The responsibility for properly marking dangerous equipment within a data center lies with the DC owner, not the manufacturer or installer. Warning labels should provide enough information to alert workers and inform them of the proper ways to comply with safety standards. 

ServerLIFT offers our own safety signage free of charge; اتصل بنا if they are needed for your business.

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