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FCC Certification Compliance is Critical for the Data Center

When choosing a data center lift for your IT operations, it’s important to select one that meets both local and federal safety regulations and requirements. For example, all electronic devices manufactured or sold in the United States must be tested to comply with Federal Communication Commission (FCC) guidelines. FCC certification compliance indicates that the electromagnetic interference (EMI) from a device is under the limits approved by the FCC and can be used safely in the data center. Click here to read about all of the certifications and standards adhered to by ServerLIFT products.

specialist working with optical internet wires in server room


Why Is FCC Certification and EMI Testing Important?

All electronics and electronics systems, no matter how small, emit some amount of EMI. EMI can adversely affect the performance of any electronic device, including cell phones, microphones, key fobs and yes, servers and enterprise IT equipment.

Any electronic device with an FCC certificate has been tested and complies with FCC standards issued by the U.S. government (other parts of the world maintain their own EMI performance standards). Therefore, when the device in question is in close proximity to IT infrastructure, it will not negatively impact the performance of or interfere with servers, switches, and PDUs. This is critically important—it ensures that a data center can run safely and without unexpected downtime. When you use your electronic Výtah datového centra ServerLIFT to move servers, you can be assured the lift will not emit EMI that can negatively impact or arrest the performance of your equipment. And vice versa, data center equipment also will not interfere with or impact the performance of the ServerLIFT machine.  

Data Center Risk

nterference from electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) is extremely harmful to IT equipment in data center environments. At low levels, EMPs can disrupt signals, make monitors shaky, and distort communications. Higher levels of EMI result in more disastrous effects such as short-circuited servers and power outages. The problems arising from EMI are not usually solved by standard troubleshooting and can result in unplanned downtime and loss of productivity, costing millions of dollars.

Our Approach

ServerLIFT electric data center lifts are certified for safe data center usage by the FCC, among other leading certifications. Our lifts have been tested according to rigorous data center safety standards—and those put into place by regulators—to ensure any electromagnetic hazards are avoided. Knowing that the lifts you choose for your data center operations are FCC certified means you have made a decision that improves the safety of your workplace.

We are dedicated to data center safety; it is our core company value. We never cut corners and meet safety challenges and opportunities head-on. 

Our data center lifts are designed to improve the safety and efficiency of your day-to-day operations. This includes complying with all federal safety regulations and requirements. A lift that electromagnetically interferes with or damages your expensive and sensitive equipment would never be awarded FCC certification and should not be considered for use. Go with the only lift designed to meet data center safety guidelines.

Click tady to read our Data Center Safety Guidebook.

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