RS-500X رفع السكك الحديدية

Angle In or Out of Slotted Rails

The RS-500X™ Rail Lift supports server equipment while giving the operator control over the angle of the server at all points of installation or removal from the rails. Capable of attaching to any ServerLIFT platform, the RS-500X can be used to easily tilt servers into slotted guard rails or keep them level for non-slotted, bolt-in installs.

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Faster Installs

Large Relocations

Dual-Side Aisle Compatibility

Drop in rails j-slot

Drop-in Rails

تثبيت الخادم في القضبان المنسدلة

Angle In/Out of Slotted Rails with a ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift

Many servers are designed to be installed into racks using extended slide rails. Often, the server comes with nail heads on its sides, which line up with and insert into J-shaped slots in the slide rails.

Aligning these nail heads with the rail slots and guiding them into (or out of) the J-shape of the slot is awkward, tricky, and time-consuming. Doing this while supporting equipment that can range from 50 to hundreds of pounds is daunting—and dangerous.

The RS-500X Rail Lift can be used to safely and securely support servers at an angle or perfectly level, making it simple and easy to perform all manner of rack-mounted installations or removals.

The Must-Have Data Center Accessory

With the ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift, no type of assisted install is out of reach for data center techs. The ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift is compatible with all our data center lifts: the ServerLIFT SL-350X®, SL-500X®, SL-500FX™و SL-1000X® model units.

illustration of dropping server into j-slots
angling and supporting servers into the rack

Ultimate Angling and Support

The RS-500X Rail Lift is designed intuitively with data center safety and efficiency in mind.

  • Easily mounts onto all ServerLIFT models
  • Also mounts to the PL-500X® و RL-500™ attachments
  • Fits into standard 19” racks
  • Narrow enough to clear through extended rails while lifting servers out or dropping them into the rails
  • Supports up to 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Requires no tools or assembly
  • Supports equipment in or out of drop-in or slotted rails with an angle range of zero (level) to 5 degrees
  • Eliminates clumsy manual server tilting and support
  • One tech can easily align and install heavy servers 
  • Can be mounted in either of two orientations for access to the desired side of choice
  • Includes four platform attachment thumbscrews

ضمان ServerLIFT

The RS-500X Rail Lift is backed by a worry-free, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

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GT-1000X Glide Table تفريغ خوادم بدون احتكاك

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The FE-3X™ Extended Shelf increases the server support of the SL-500FX Front Loader to a full 20 inches (50 cm) deep into the rack.
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تثبيت بأمان إلى أعلى الرف

The RL-500™ Platform Riser increases the reach of any ServerLIFT by 8U and ensures that server installs are seamless and safe for all data center applications.
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The LE-Series™ Lift Extensions assist with lifting heavy IT equipment off of pallets and out of boxes.
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