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Tải xuống sách trắng MIỄN PHÍ của chúng tôi, & #8220; Kế hoạch hành động hợp nhất trung tâm dữ liệu & #8221;

Logo linh hoạt

Chris Boyll, Giám đốc DC, Trung tâm dữ liệu linh hoạt

Chris Boyll with Flexential Data Centers discusses the benefits of having a ServerLIFT® solution for his data center operations

Logo MAC

Scott Siewert, Kỹ sư hệ thống cao cấp,
Ủy ban sân bay đô thị

“We really rely on our ServerLIFT® data center lift. It was one of the best investments we made for our data centers. Thank you!”

Logo Fenwick & West

Dave Reno, Giám đốc CNTT, Fenwick & West LLP

“I was initially using a manual lift to move servers and other equipment. When the ServerLIFT® electric model came out it was an even better solution. If I have a server that needs to be installed and I am the only one available, I can get it down quickly and easily with the ServerLIFT® unit.”

Logo Amway

Brad Gibbs, Hỗ trợ trung tâm dữ liệu chính, Amway

“The ServerLIFT® data center lift is a great product that is easy to use, and promotes safety within the data center. It is especially useful to us in our new data centers, where we have standardized on 9ft. racks. I was most pleased with how easily it allowed us to move and re-rack our large AS/400 systems during a limited outage window."

Có trụ sở tại Winston-Salem, Bắc Carolina, Novant Health cung cấp dịch vụ chăm sóc tại 14 trung tâm y tế. (PRNewsFoto / Novant Health)

Brian Gilbert, Senior Systems Engineer, Novant Health

“We have two ServerLIFT® units and absolutely rely on them. We use them for installing and removing everything from standalone servers to fully loaded blade chassis and disk arrays. A ServerLIFT® server-handling device is an absolutely essential tool for ensuring the safety of data center employees and simplifying normally difficult and time-consuming work in the data center.”

Logo truyền thông NCC

David Smith, Giám đốc Dịch vụ Mạng, NCC Media

“We love our ServerLIFT® solution here at NCC Media. Most thought I was getting lazy for ordering it. Those ideas changed after we put it into use. I had one employee de-rack a full HP blade chassis by himself. That’s over 400 pounds! Wonderful product and we show it off to visiting vendors that sell us equipment that needs to be racked. We give it five stars out of five.”

Logo của Kellogg

Dan Balitewicz, Giám đốc Sr - Hoạt động cơ sở hạ tầng, Kellogg's

“We have a ServerLIFT® solution and it’s awesome. It can lift 500 lbs without issue. Even the largest Cisco devices can be installed using it. Our facilities group uses it to pull motors from CRAC Units. It’s well worth the investment.”


Ken Ward, Kỹ sư trung tâm dữ liệu Sr, GoDaddy.com

“The ServerLIFT® unit was of great benefit during the racking of our blade centers. With the use of the strap kit, one person was able to unbox and safely place the 300-pound device into a rack on the rails. The benefit of not having to remove the blades and power supply components from the chassis to make it lighter saved time and potential damage.”

Máy chủ Foxconn CABG

Salvador López, Kỹ thuật sản xuất, Máy chủ Foxconn CABG

“We have 3 ServerLIFT® units in one project for our heavy lifting needs at production floor. Operators really like the way it can be easily positioned making the assembly of server enclosures, batteries and other PDU systems safe. Equipment is in production environment so it gets a good share of heavy duty use. We really rely on them. Customer service is top notch and sales department really goes out of their way to help out.”

Logo AT & T

Rory Bennett, Giám đốc Trung tâm Dữ liệu Cao cấp, AT & T Mobility

“Safety is our #1 priority. Originally, we didn’t have the resources to install the hardware safely. We were using battery-operated, hand-crank lifts, but they required too much maintenance. Now, our ServerLIFT® unit is well-used and everybody is happy with the 'Cadillac' we bought. It’s a great investment.”

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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