PL-500X® การขยายแพลตฟอร์ม

IT Equipment Handling Down to the Floor

The PL-500X® Platform Extension brings the reach of any ServerLIFT machine down to the floor, so that it can safely and precisely handle equipment at bottom rack positions for near-ground installs. Extend your reach beyond and below the ServerLIFT machine frame, enabling you to perform assisted moves in even the most challenging of spaces.

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Near-Ground Access

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Lifts Servers Out of Boxes

Large Relocations

Fine-Tilt Adjustment

Reach the Bottom-Most Rack Positions with a ServerLIFT PL-500X Platform Extension

The PL-500X Platform Extension transforms the ServerLIFT device into the only tool that can safely support heavy servers down to the floor or up to the top of any rack. The extension’s platform leveler enables the operator to tilt the equipment up or down for precise server alignment and perfect installations every time.

PL-500X installing server at ground level
PL-500X Platform Extension and parts

Unique Features and Functions

  • Supports up to 500 pounds (227 kg)
  • Reaches servers and switches at the floor level
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Micro-tilt adjustment for perfect front-to-back equipment leveling
  • Removable horizontal attachment arms for convenient storage
  • Simple attachment and removal
  • No dangerous back bending or strained lifting
  • Multiple strap attachment points for securing servers to the platform during transport

Lifting Servers from Boxes and Pallets

You and your staff will never again have to lift IT equipment off pallets or out of boxes, avoiding the risk of a back injury and/or server damage

The Platform Extension gives you reach beyond the ServerLIFT Wheel Base for interference-free overhead access to new server packaging.

With the four sling hooks installed on the extension, slide the heavy-duty yellow slings under the server you want to un-box, and secure each end to one of the hooks. Then, the ServerLIFT machine and PL-500X Extension combine to lift the server and its packaging right up off of the ground. 

You can easily remove the box and packing foam from the server fully intact to save for later, in case of a return or future migration project. 

After setting the server down onto a table or counter and transferring it to the ServerLIFT or PL-500X platform surface, you’re ready to shift to installation mode.

unpacking server from boxes on pallets
PL-500X platform extension remove rack from pallet


The Platform Extension is compatible with the ServerLIFT SL-350X® or SL-500X® model data center lifts. The PL-500X Platform Extension includes:

  • Two heavy-duty slings
  • Four sling hooks
  • Fine-tilt adjustment ratchet and socket
  • Counterweight kit for rear of ServerLIFT unit
  • Removable horizontal attachment arms for convenient storage
  • Zippered storage bag

การรับประกัน ServerLIFT

The PL-500X Platform Extension is backed by a worry-free, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.  



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install safely to top of rack

The RL-500™ Platform Riser increases the reach of any ServerLIFT by 8U and ensures that server installs are seamless and safe for all data center applications.
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The LE-Series™ Lift Extensions assist with lifting heavy IT equipment off of pallets and out of boxes.
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