Gartner Data Center Conference 2010 Coverage

The Gartner Data Center Conference 2010 is underway in Las Vegas this week, December 6-9. This show has a lot of great information on the latest data center trends including new server hardware, blade enclosures, and enterprise servers. For those that could not attend the event, below is a compilation of the most interesting and valuable info from the keynote presentations (in the form of tweets, following the #GartnerDC hashtag conversation).

Day 1:

@FinancialPath: Heavy emphasis on Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Storage at #GartnerDC with Financial Services often being the first Vertical mentioned

@samcharrington 66% of attendees pursuing private cloud computing by 2014. #GartnerDC

@shorinsean Red Hat Linux by far the most popular Linux flavor in the data center for attendees. #gartnerdc

@nlyte #GartnerDC live poll of approx 2,000 attendees reported #1 issue faced by the data center today is management of power, cooling and space

@AppDynamics Donna Scott: Do a biz impact assessment on your apps — 20% of mission-critical apps should get 80% of investment.#GartnerDC

@adamfazio heard another new term I like: P2V2C – physical to virtual to cloud. #gartnerdc

@TonyKnowsPower: How times have changed blades are now referred to as traditional servers #gartnerdc

@shorinsean: Interesting facts from #gartnerdc keynote: 2.6B Google searches per month in 2007, 31B last month. That’s a 1200% increase.

@Isilon: Gartner says data growth over the next 5 years will be 800% & 80% of data is unstructured. #GartnerDC

@Datapac_ICT “The only bad cloud strategy is no cloud strategy” says @tombitt at #GartnerDC

@Datapac_ICT Gartner: 75% of server workloads virtualized by 2014 vs 25% today; 50% of all new workloads are virtualized #GartnerDC

Check back tomorrow for coverage of Day 2…

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