Minimize Data Center Costs & Increase Worker Safety

There are few crossover points where DCMs can lower data center costs while increasing worker safety. Consolidation through virtualization can certainly increase efficiency as well as lowering data center costs, but it also can indirectly set the stage for worker safety via reduction in physical servers. Moving new technology to a high density environment enables the data center to increase cabinet space utilization and processing performance. The question is then, how can these measures increase worker safety?

The act of moving IT hardware to minimize costs in this way often presents a complex physical challenge. The size and weight of servers, chassis, switches and routers in today’s environment can often exceed 400 lbs. There are numerous risks associated with the traditional moving of IT hardware, and they include:

  • Damage to expensive equipment
  • The need to tie up more data center personnel in the consolidation process
  • The high potential for injury without a proper plan and tools

Data center professionals face the risk of dropping mission-critical IT hardware on a daily basis. This poses a big threat to data loss, and more importantly the safety of the individuals handling the equipment. Powered server lifts remove the possibility of these types of disasters when the right server lift is chosen and properly utilized. When coupled with proper planning, data centers can ensure that data center safety as well as data center costs are optimized.

Powered server lifting technology enables faster and more efficient consolidation, which frees up costly personnel hours in the move while avoiding the constant threat of physical injury. There is also the cost reduction of freeing up as many as three additional people that would need to be involved in heavy hardware moves.

Today’s DCMs have to think very strategically about layout, space utilization power consumption and cooling need in order to reduce the costs of overprovisioning. Server lifts may seem like a small consideration when it comes to minimizing data center costs, but when seen through the lens of server c0nsolidation and virtualization, it becomes a critical foundation to that achieving that goal

To learn how ServerLIFT solutions can minimize data center costs while increasing safety, contact us online or call +1 602-254-1557 to speak with a ServerLIFT specialist.

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